A concise list of things I’ve decided are true.

Dear Zonk,

I have 12 minutes before I need to start thinking about work, and so, here’s a concise list of things I’ve decided are true –

  1. I will be a librarian someday. Or just work with libraries. Or with books in general. Or with making children fall in love with them.
    I may be a designer of things right now, and I might have secret hopes about making some sort of living someday with some of my other skills, but fuck that. Nobody deserves to work a creative job every single day of their lives.
    Also, Libraries are awesome.
  2. Some people dream quietly, some people dream loudly, and some rooms are built to confuse you while you sleep.
  3. There will be a revolution, someday, involving women and legs and shorts and Thane. And when that day comes, I will be out there wearing shorts and burning buses.
  4. If your life is dictated by a bus schedule, it is because you are a worrier, and not vice versa. I have learned this from an objective and very thorough observation of myself, and since I am an authority on me, it only makes sense to assume that I must be right.
  5. One minute left now for the workday to begin.
  6. “Hi ho!” (Go read ‘Slapstick’, someone. Vonnegut is so absurd and amazingly awesome.)

Love always,


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