I’m a loser, baby.

I am disgruntled.

I make plans. They fail.

I am a designer by day and asleep at night. And awake again at absurd hours of the morning.

My life is average. I work more than I should and spend the rest of my time commuting and for all the buses that I take every day of every week of every endless year, I’m afraid I’m going nowhere.

I want time. I want money. I want to be able to teleport. Or apparate. I want access to a fucking Floo Network!
Find me a time saver of a curious and amazing kind and I will give you a cookie. Find me a time turner and I will go back and change things around over and over again until I am happy and I will owe you for ever.

I want an eternal Saturday.


12 thoughts on “I’m a loser, baby.

  1. some people sketch copiously while travelling. figures, faces, objects, letterforms, what-not. three (compelled) hours a day to draw is fantastic. sleep in the studio once a week. leave home really early, travel quicker in less traffic, sleep in the studio in the afternoons to make up for lost sleep. but really, the only thing to do: find a job closer to home. or, find a home closer to job. simple. the three hours a day that this earns you, can be used to do more work, and get more money (to offset the money lost due to a low-paying job or the rented apartment). / cheers.

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