Bombay is an ugly place

Dear Zonk,

I’m in Goa as we speak, and I feel the need to make a random list of things that happen to have been on my mind in the last two days.

  1. Bombay is fucking ugly to look at from above.
  2. There is no traffic in Goa. At all. Ever. And it makes everything so much more bearable. 
  3. The fatter the fry, the nicer it tastes. (I mean french fry.)
  4. Time is relative. 
  5. It makes sense to travel light because I haven’t used any of the extra things I got along at all. Not my guitar, not my recorder, nor my spare pajamas.
  6. I’m reading a book about a scientist and I’m going to watch the Big Bang Theory in a bit and I hope I get to know a real scientist at some point in my life.
  7. We met a man who was probably German, and he was middle aged and drunk and happy and he told us he’d been to Bombay 10 times and that he prefers Goa. I hope I have the time and money to keep going back to random cities in random countries when I’m middle aged, and I hope that I’m drunk and happy, too.

Love always,


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