How Design killed my blogging mojo.

Two and a half, or maybe three years ago, when I first moved to WordPress, I took a look at all the themes on it and it blew my mind. I picked a weird dark brown theme, with an ornate serif font and a brightly coloured, blurry header. The fonts were too tiny and archaic and the line heights were horribly wrong. It made everything look cluttered and stuck together and slightly ugly. But I loved that theme. Then I had to go become a designer and begin to make a big deal of all its little flaws, and I moved to my next theme. Structure. Which was busy and full of widget area and little gimmicks that kept me happy for very very long.

And then I acquired more modernistic tastes and began to find faults in Structure even, and told myself that my blog had to be all about clean whitespace and bold type. So I moved to Chunk, which I honestly believe is the best free theme out here. But I had to move on to something with a sidebar because I have all sorts of stupid things I like to put up here, like Random Advice Generator and so on. So then I moved again, to Bueno, which never really did anything for me. And I’ve been looking at all of WordPress’ themes all these months and I haven’t found one that I love. 

Blogging was easier when I was not a designer. I used to be so satisfied and so fucking easy to please.

I almost got Twenty-twelve, but then I didn’t. Because it takes the minimal thing a bit too far. I love the body type et cetera, and I love how nicely responsive it is, but at the end of the day, I don’t want a blog that looks like a word doc. And I don’t want to make a static home page or put in a big banner image either, so it was really out.

So now I’ve got Oulipo. A very old theme it is, and the typography is tiny and tiny type is not really my type any more, but at least it’s nicely done and neatly laid out and clean and pretty.

And for one day, because I feel nostalgic for the old times, when dark themes of any sort would please me, I’m making the blog dark grey. Sort of like it used to be on Vox. If any of you remember.

PS: I hope WordPress themes go the Tumblr way successfully, soon. Lovely themes that are fully customizable with no upgrade.

PPS: These are only my opinions. No offence to anyone who loves any of the themes that I don’t.


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