Things I Give Myself To Make Me Happy

This week, and in general.

  1. An AC bus pass. Because if I’m commuting so much anyway I might as well get what comfort I can. And because it’s faster than taking a train and two ricks. So, fuck the cost. I’ll pay.
  2. A smart phone. An iPhone, to be precise. Because it’s second hand and in good condition and I can pay for it in as many installments as I want. Not because I love Apple. I don’t. But once I have a good phone I can watch stuff on the bus ride home. And read ebooks. And blog.
  3. Large but wearable tshirts. Because they make me feel comfy and awesome and nice. And happy, in some inexplicable way.
  4. New home pajamas. Preferably with elephants or cows on them. Because nice home pajamas make weekends feel like weekends.
  5. 2 days of grown-up life at Niha’s house this week. Because I need to get away and be somebody else for a day and give myself time to really do things.
  6. A new theme on my blog. Because I really need a sidebar for all the awesome new widgets that WordPress has.

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