The post of Posts

Dear Zonk.

It’s been a while, and the things that I needs to tell you have all piled up and turned into one of those giant, stubborn structures that scare you a little and defeat you so you just never tackle them the way you’d meant to. And you end up going around them or tunneling through them, and well, that’s just how things go.  And so I suppose I’ll never make those posts that I’d planned to make. At least, not anytime soon. So I’ll just list them down in neat little points for now and we can all just move on with our lives on this page after that…

So here goes:

  1. I’ve started working again. Actually, I started over two weeks ago, and I’d planned on making a long and really hyper post about it, but I just didn’t find the time or the energy. So for your information (though I suppose most of you already know this from conversations with me in real life), I finally joined Webly. For those of you who don’t know, Webly is a lovely little startup started up by a bunch of my friends. These are the guys who taught me everything I know about what I do right now. They started freelancing together a long time ago, while we were still in college. They finally took the plunge and got an office about the time that I took the plunge and enrolled myself as a corporate slave, and I’ve been fighting the urge to join them for a long, long time now. I finally gave in. And I’m whole lot happier now. The office is a lovely little place, and my desk is awesome, and I have two whole monitors and everything. And I’m finally doing something that counts again. I’m learning things and figuring stuff out and sometimes turning out stuff I might actually feel proud of, and I swear I’d almost forgotten how that felt. Sometimes, of course, I feel small; but that is bound to happen sometimes.
  2. There’s an awesome and most helpful little app floating around out there that you really should try out. A friend of mine made it, in the time he had left over from engineering college and coding websites and running a startup. (Yes, he is annoying that way.) I have been promising him a blogpost about it (for what it’s worth), and I know this is a really inadequate alternative to a post, but it will have to do for now. Sorry, Dayson.
    Anyway, the app’s called TextMe, and it lets you share content from the web via sms. You should try it out sometime, Zonk; the next time you read something online that you like you can just select it and message it to someone, right from your browser. I suppose that was a bad example…but it’s how I use TextMe mostly. I tend to text people things that I read and like. You can choose to share whatever is relevant to you, of course. So try it, Zonk, and spread word if you like it, and tell the TextMe team what you think about their app. They take all feedback really seriously. What you should actually do is add the TextMe extension to your browser. It just sits there on top (very prettily at that) and next time you right-click on anything in the browser, you’ll find the option to text it to someone. For free.
  3. I went for something called The Great Gig In The Sky, and it was awesome. It was so awesome that I just cut out point#3 from this list and pasted it in another window because it was long enough to be a little post by itself. Which I will publish right after I publish this one :) I’m sorry I’m this disorganized, Zonk. And I’m also sorry if it bothers you that I say ‘and’ so often; I just like to write that way.

So those were three posts  I was supposed to make. The first two might happen later. Or they might not. The third one already sort of happened right here, so it all works out pretty well. Two blogposts in one night makes me feel happy. And I’m sorry, but I’m not going to proofread or edit either of them. I’m too fucking tired right now and too sick and sleepy for that.

Love always,


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