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The Unemployment List

And so it is that I am unemployed.


Time it is to make a list, O Zonk. Of things to do in the few weeks that I have. I feel a little stupid now, about all the freelance I’ve promised to take up in these two weeks. Because a vacation isn’t a vacation when you have freelance work to do. But oh well. I need the money desperately, so I might as well.

In any case, here is a list of things I intend to do before this little vacation is out.

The Unemployment List

  1. Set up my savings accounts, so I can retire someday. Hopefully.
  2. Get my driving license back. I lost it months ago when my wallet got flicked and well. I am a lazy bum.
  3. Get my guitar serviced.
  4. Get my violin serviced, and practice every fucking day.  So that I end up actually playing somewhere in the far away future. Sigh.
  5. Move my website to a Prosite and this blog to my own domain. I think I might end up not doing this one though, because it involves a LOT of work and I don’t know if I’ll have that kind of time.
  6. Go to Eco Camp for a couple of days. It’s sad that a 5 day Gokarna trip has turned into a 3 day Panchgani trip, but life sucks like that.
  7. Draw and paint some.
  8. Make one full song.
  9. Finish both the books I’m reading right now.
  10. Meet at least 4 people I always intend to catch up with but rarely ever do.
  11. Buy stationery.
  12. Figure stuff out. In my head.

I think that should be it, Zonk.

And now I’m going to stick this to the top of my page and cancel things out as and when I get around to doing them.

Love always,


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