*drumroll and much noise*

Dear Zonk,

I can barely believe it. It’s been over four years since I began to blog, and I’ve made more than 600 posts and left you several dozens of lists. And secrets. And songs and doodles and shoes. Little bits of everything from everything I do. And I’ve begun to take this space for granted, I think. My blog is just where I rant and where you always listen and it’s where I meet people I would never otherwise know. It’s become a little universe of my own and I’d forgotten to remember that these things exist outside of my own head.

But apparently they do. Someone out there nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award and my face feels like it could explode. Because nothing of this sort has ever happened to me here before. Thank you for nominating me, Reality In Progress; I’m honoured that you think I could deserve this!

Now, I’m not too sure how any of this works, but I gather from Reality In Progress’ blog (which also has been nominated, and you ought to go check it out, Zonk), that there are certain rules I must follow.

Kreativ Blogger Award

The Rules –

Thank the person that nominated me and link back to their blog.
 Done :)
But, because I can’t say it enough, Thank you!

Nominate Seven Other Bloggers For The Kreativ Blogger Award.
Ah. This is a tough one, Zonk. There are way too many blogs out there that are awesome. And there are way too many of  you who could be awesome. If only you’d stop being this lazy and just blog more often. (You know who you are. Shame on you!)

So I’m probably going to take hours to put this post together. Starting now, with this Alarmingly Difficult To Compose List.

  1. Grace Undressed
    This is a blog that is pretty well known, and I’m not sure how often it’s updated anymore. But I do know that Grace still blogs in other spaces that are less easily accessible. And I do know that of all the blogs that I’ve ever read, this is the one that most moves me. Grace Undressed is full of posts that are honest, sad and incredibly, unfailingly beautiful.I hope you’e doing okay, Grace. Someday I’ll subscribe to your other blog.
  2. Bandra Girl
    Because these little yellow squares of paper come packed with truth and incredible wisdom. And you can’t help but stumble upon something that you really identify with.
    Again, some of you might have been here before.Bandra Girl, you are Awesome.
  3. Odds & Ends – mostly odds
    Someone linked me to this blog a few months ago and I keep going back every once in a while to take a look around. Because there is just so much to look at. Pi – and then some is a person of much talent. Her blog is engaging and her art is beautiful. I hope I learn to draw just half as well as this someday.
  4. Pleasepunctuatethis  
    The man who wrote ‘You Should Date An Illiterate Girl’. I need not say more.
    But really,every single thing up on this blog is beautiful.
  5. Monaux
    To really get why I nominate him you’ll need to see Monaux’s deviantArt profile.  His drawings are quaint and beautiful and somehow nostalgic. His writing sums them up in a couple of lines. His journal is lovely.
  6. Michael Zancan
    If you’re on dA, you probably know of this man. If you aren’t on dA, please do visit it, if only to see his work. Michael Zancan is an incredibly talented painter; but I follow him for how he writes and for the meaning he attaches to his every work of art.
  7. Naive
    Melk0r doesn’t write as often as he should. But every post that does make it out into the world is worth reading more than once. I am an inconsistent blogger with a blog that oscillates between intriguing and pointless. What I appreciate about this seldom blogger is that while he says very little, he makes sure to always stay at Intriguing.

Make a List of Seven Random Facts About Yourself.

Aha! A list! Now this I will love to do. And I will do my best to keep it random.

  1. I hate exclamation marks. It makes  me uncomfortable to have to use them. Just so you know, I have already used three in this here post.
  2. If I were on death row and got to pick my last meal, I would pick Maggi.
  3. When I’m 40, assuming I’ve done enough with my life in terms of a career in visual art etc.,  I will become a librarian. Or a small bookstore owner. And I will have a large desk with many drawers and glasses full of sharpened pencils on top of it, and a computer with a really fast internet connection and barely any work to do. And I will be organized as hell and I will read all day and I will leave at 4 p.m. every day of the week and go play gigs later and have an Awesome Fucking Life.
    Of course, I might also have to get a new voice and a whole new personality to really achieve all of that, but oh well.
  4. My favourite person in the whole world is a six year old who honestly believes that there was time when I was six and he was twenty-three, and that tsunamis are caused when sharks push water out of the sea.
    I love him for all these things that he still believes.
  5. Someday I will learn to live alone. I can’t do it yet, on account of I’m afraid of most things after 8 in the evening. But I will, someday.
  6. I love striped and interesting and colourful socks.
    I don’t really like floaters. I only wear them to show my socks off.
  7. I cut my own hair these days because it makes me feel hardcore.  Fuck yeah.
    At least, I cut the front part of it..

And that’s it, I think. I don’t really know what exactly this is or how it works, but it’s exciting and it makes me happy.

Love always,


4 thoughts on “*drumroll and much noise*

  1. Perfect :)
    I especially love # 3 and 4.. and I can’t wait to go check out those blogs, yay! (sorry for the exclamation mark..)

    Oh and a question – what is a floater?? cuz I know I’m one but I’m guessing not the kind you are talking about..?

    Thank you and congratulations :)

    • And the same to you :) I have way too much to do this week; but next week I’m going to go through your blog and all your other nominations as well. And probably their nominations and so on..this could go on for ever :)

      That’s what we call floaters here. I thought it was a universal term. I guess I was wrong. What do you call them?

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