Love and other demons

Things are about to change around here again, Zonk. And I was kicked about it and looking forward to it and holding my breath and waiting. But now I’m beginning to worry and I’m slowly turning blue.

I know exactly what I want to do but there’s a thousand things to hold me back. I wish you’d tell me what you’d do but you are not me and I have so much stewing in my mind..

I think we should all meet up and drink one day. All of us who happen to be on this page right now. It’d be nice to put a face to every one of your names.

But then again, I’d probably much rather not.

Love and other demons,


12 thoughts on “Love and other demons

  1. monday. i intend to be in bombay and stop by to say hello to some people i know (knew?). but then, i’d much rather’d not drink then.
    still (and, as usual) – fabulously written. ..btw: do Zonk’s ever mention that you post-tags are immensely intriguing?

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