Love and other demons

Things are about to change around here again, Zonk. And I was kicked about it and looking forward to it and holding my breath and waiting. But now I’m beginning to worry and I’m slowly turning blue.

I know exactly what I want to do but there’s a thousand things to hold me back. I wish you’d tell me what you’d do but you are not me and I have so much stewing in my mind..

I think we should all meet up and drink one day. All of us who happen to be on this page right now. It’d be nice to put a face to every one of your names.

But then again, I’d probably much rather not.

Love and other demons,


12 thoughts on “Love and other demons

  1. monday. i intend to be in bombay and stop by to say hello to some people i know (knew?). but then, i’d much rather’d not drink then.
    still (and, as usual) – fabulously written. ..btw: do Zonk’s ever mention that you post-tags are immensely intriguing?

      1. and that’s a bad thing because..
        okay, no. it is a bad thing. good thinking. no tags, perfect.
        best not to divulge stuff. let’s stick to blogging. whoopie :)

      2. Haha okay fine, you’re right. It’s not like I’m hiding much around here anyway. But why have people notice what words in the tag cloud are largest..that is Actually revealing. And nested comments here suck. It doesn’t let you reply to a thread more than once or twice. I should move to my own domain and get Disqus.

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