Unsorted, Updater

A List Of Things I’ll Manage To Do

By January 2013.

  1. Get a prosite for my portfolio and move my blog to my own domain and use Eptonic (which is the theme that is currently on my portfolio) for the blog. This is damn fucking important, because I’m not sure I’ll ever manage to maintain Behance and another portfolio at the same time, and also because WordPress dot com just won’t get any themes that I like.
  2. Paint three canvases decently. Sounds unambitious, I know, but I’m only being realistic.
  3. One decent jam session starring The Violin.
  4. Twenty blog posts that aren’t just lists or updates.
  5. Save some money. Any tiny amount will do. I just need to make a start. And a habit.
  6. Get out of the fucking state and go look at things a little. I’ve been home for twenty-three years and I’m tired of it.
Pointless, I know, this whole exercise. By January this post will be buried under the debris of one hundred other posts and I will have a completely different list of things to manage to do.  But it cheers me up to make these things.
And so it is.
Ps: It’s snowing on my blog again, Zonk. You probably can’t tell because everything is white anyway. Oh well. Happy winter. Not that we have any kind of winter at all this year. But again, oh well.
Love always,



3 thoughts on “A List Of Things I’ll Manage To Do

  1. This is a very complete-able list but you have heard about the end of the world scheduled for next year right?
    And it has gotten colder over the past few days but that was after you posted this.

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