Violin Shmiolin

I can play a scale now on my violin. It sounds pretty terrible, but I can somewhat play it. You might choose to run out of the room and stuff your fingers in your ears while I play, but yes. I can play it.

I’ve been trying to play the little violin tune in Nick Cave’s ‘Sad Waters’, and it’s getting seriously frustrating. Here’s the deal, Zonk. I have sort of learned how to bow on individual strings without hitting other strings. I get it right about eighty per cent of the time. I’ve heard Sad Waters a gazillion times and I know the violin bit by heart. It’s a lovely tune, but really simple, and I know the notes and I know where they fall on my violin. I can play them pretty easily too.


Sucks. I never thought of how hard it would be to learn an instrument that sounds like I’m murdering cats. With the guitar I put in hours of practice. But this makes such horrible sounds it makes me want to cry. Also, it makes my nephew really upset.

All I want to do is to be able to play like this. Why is that so difficult!

I know I’m being unreasonable, Zonk. But really. I need a fast forward button.


7 thoughts on “Violin Shmiolin

      • If you’re trying Western, then DO NOT WATCH videos of Jascha Heifetz playing, that I’ll guarantee you. Set yourself a target of getting Fioco’s Allegro piece by piece. That’s quite a fun piece to play. If Carnatic, well, that’s an altogether different ball game and I think a teacher would become quite necessary.

  1. You do know that that makes it quite impossible to not watch video of Jascha Heifetz! And I had no intentions of watching anyway. But now I must engage in deep conflict with myself. Damn! :D

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