Violins, sunshine, and turning 23

Dear Zonk,

My life is strange. And it gets stranger with time. I suppose I can’t really explain it so you would understand, but I’m going to try anyway.

I have a theory that other things being equal, most people fall into one of three categories. I also have several other theories that put people into several other categories, but let’s focus on these ones for now. So, there’s people who do things, People Who Make Things Happen, and People That Things Happen To. I’m a Person That Things Happen To. And the last few years, things have really been Happening and I’ve had really little to do with them.

Up until college ended, I was a regular person that read a lot and wrote a lot and didn’t understand technology at all. After college ended I happened to paint a shoe or two and Frank set up a Facebook page and pushed me into business and I sort of went along with things. That’s how Shoeriken happened. That’s how art happened to me. Then when I was wondering what to do with Life in general, C said I should try graphic design since I have an eye for aesthetics anyway. And so design happened to me. And now after years of asking for it I finally have a violin, and I went today to ask about classes and considered not joining but I sort of had no option and I came back an hour later after my first 30 minutes of music-reading lessons. The guy was really scary and unimpressed with every answer I gave to every question and he gave me a guitar and made me play three songs. I think he liked the songs. Because after that he was really sweet and gave me a huge discount and given how scary he was to begin with, I had no option but to say yes to everything.

And so it is that I, who wanted just a couple of lessons so I could fuck around a bit with the world’s most beautiful instrument, have a serious and intense course ahead of me. Two hours every Saturday, I’ll learn music theory and notation and I’ll learn to play and I suppose he’ll correct my posture and everything too. I’m a little worried about it, Zonk. Because he told me not to anger him ever. It’s scary when people say that to you and you’re already the nervous kind that tries their best not to step over any lines or annoy people or in any way displease them. I’m worried because this guy gave me a huge discount just so I could join with no issues and just so he could teach me. I’m worried because he seems to expect big things, and I don’t really know if I can live up to it. I have never played a violin in my whole entire life and it’s supposed to be one of the most difficult instruments to play at all. People start learning when they’re 4. I’m 23. I only play guitar. The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn, I think, and I’m barely better than mediocre at that. I’m worried that I’ll suck and that the scary man will be angered that he chose to invest in me. I’m really bad at dealing with fear, Zonk. I wonder how I’ll deal with a scary tutor and the world’s most difficult instrument.

Oh well. We’ll see. At least I’ll learn more than I intended to. In other news, my birthday was Awesome. I got a violin (clearly), pajamas, three t-shirts, two pairs of socks, three books, and one surprise party. It’s the first time someone threw me a surprise party, Zonk, and it was Awesome. I also got my spork from Thinkgeek and, best of all, a sun jar. I leave it out in the sun during the day; it stores up the sunshine and at night it becomes a lamp :)

I like being 23, Zonk. I just hope this violin thing doesn’t end badly, that’s all. More later.



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