It’s name is Red.

Dear Zonk,

I finally have a violin. I’ve wanted a violin ever since The Mozart Season happened. I was 13 then. And I eventually ended up getting a guitar and then a cycle and then a phone. Those things seem unrelated but they are not. The point is, everytime I tried to get a violin I ended up with other things. I am 23 now. And I finally have a violin.


It sounds a lot like a dying cat, alas. But oh well. Perhaps I’l manage to actually play it someday.


Ps: You should probably say happy birthday.


2 thoughts on “It’s name is Red.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Thank you :) All is pretty awesome. My job is nice, I get nice work to do and not too much of it. I have a sweet boss and nice people around me. Plus I have a bus from my doorstep every morning that takes me to Parel. What more could I ask for :)

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