So Zonk, it’s almost November again. Sweatshirt weather. Striped socks weather. Make a wishlist and manipulate your birthday gifts weather. So it’s time to sit down and calculate and consider and collate. Think it up and write it down and bullet it all into a sweet, tidy little List.


In case you want to get me a gift for my birthday, Zonk, this is where you get your ideas from. This year I’m trying to put down random small things that I might not actually need, but I know I’ll like them anyway. This is to increase the scope of this list, and to help you understand what sort of things I might like in general. I’ll be striking things off the list as and when they get taken. I don’t really know why I insist on doing this, seeing as I already know what most people who are likely to get me anything at all are going to get me. But it’s fun. And I have 3 more holiday days left. So I might as well celebrate it all with a wishlist.

  • Patchwork pajamas.
  • 1Q84 : the new Murakami book. You can preorder it now, apparently. Go go go!
  • A Violin. For real this time.
  • A Spork
  • A Sweatshirt. Because my favourite thick literature department sweatshirt has gone missing and it makes me sad to see a sweatshirt missing from the ranks. Specially my favourite sweatshirt. I suppose no one can bring that one back but oh well.
  • A laptop sleeve. For my poor forgotten Dell. I love you, Kafka. I love you way more than the giant mac I have at work. I wish every fucking day that I could just be home with you instead, but I can’t.
  • Things from Thinkgeek.
  • Books. I’d make a list of the books I want but I noticed last year that some of the best books I read were books other people picked out for me. So go ahead. Surprise me.
  • Something I wouldn’t buy for myself. My brother-in-law told me once that there’s no point giving people what they want, and that you should give them thing’s they wouldn’t buy for themselves instead. And I think I kind of agree with what he means. Not that you shouldn’t stick to the rest of this wishlist, mind you.
  • Cool stationery.
  • A USB powered vacuum cleaner for my keyboard. And please don’t tell me I ought to get a can of compressed air instead. I want a tiny vacuum cleaner. Not a boring can of air.
  • One of those small round boxes of lip balm. It’s a ridiculous thing to put on a wishlist but they are ridiculously expensive for lip balm and honestly, the only reason I like them is because they come in little round boxes.
  • Little boxes in general. I like interesting small boxes.
  • Striped socks with toes. If you don’t find these, then really awesome striped socks will do. Toes are hard to find, I know.
  • A two-coloured plectrum. Each side is a different colour. These are rare, but they exist. I used to own one once but then I lost it and I haven’t found anything like it since.
  • Glares. They have to look fucking glamorous but also be really cheap. Because though I like the idea of being a glares-wearing person, I know I won’t be able to pull it off. Spectacles of any sort tickle the bridge of my nose and make my eyes hurt. I can’t even watch 3d movies properly.
  • Pocket-sized gadgets of almost any sort. I’d explain, but I’m not even sure what I’m talking about. I just like things I can carry around on my person that are cool and useful. Like credit card lightbulbs.
That’s about it for now. But I’m going to keep updating this list as and when I think of new things. I’m also going to stick it right on top of my blog page till my birthday’s over.

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