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Second Day

So, Zonk. I know I said I’d update you about Day One but I was sleepy and excitable and talking to people on the phone and stuff. One thing led to another and I fell asleep and you know, I didn’t happen to get to blog. But it’s only Day Two now, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Working is weird. In the mornings I feel miserable because waking up happens too early and too harshly and right in the middle of a nice dream. By the time I get to work I feel awake. I also feel pretty fucking great because my office is a nice 15 minute walk from the station (not nice per se, but yes) and it makes me feel awesome to think that I’m a working woman who gets her daily dose of exercise in the mornings and also saves cab money. After I get to work, I work. At least today I did. And then I feel neutral. Till lunch happens.

If you’ve stayed home long enough, Zonk, you’ll know what comes next. Unbearable Drowsiness. It’s not that I used to sleep in the afternoons while I was freelancing. But I used to get lazy after lunch a little. Lie around. Read a book. Make a phone call. That sort of thing. And now I am at work in the afternoons and I have to sit up and stare at a computer after lunch and it all makes me feel so fucking sad. And so it is that I stay sad and miserable till about 5. At which point I get coffee or something and wake up a little. But not much. Because by 5, I get bored of just Being. And then I loaf around or work, depending on what type of day it is, till after 7. At which point everything starts to feel friendly and I start gathering my things together and packing up and do last minute things like get my favourite Cheshire Cat mug back from the canteen or order a sandwich to eat on the train and then I get out feeling contented and at peace with the Universe because I’ve had a long day at work and I feel like a responsible, hard working adult. Which is all very well till I get into the train and stand the rest of the way home. And then there is the bus queue and the rickshaw queue and all the other fucking queues you need to put up with if you live in my part of the world where you can never get home at reasonable time.

And then I come home and meet my mom and my favourite nephew who sits waiting for me in his little house constructed from all the pillows in my house and he has so much to tell me about his day that I just can’t believe I’m not a part of it anymore. I know I whined like crazy while I was at home, Zonk. But now that I’m away all day I really miss it. I miss being home and I miss Tink and I miss my mom and my bed where I used to work and my sofa and my TV. I miss having the time to jam and read books and watch Community. And I really, really, really miss my laptop. They’ve given me a big iMac at work but all I want is my Dell! Fuck that. I even miss my WiFi. I came home today and it was switched off and it looked so desolate..

I guess what I’m saying is work seems nice, and the people seem nice, but I’m having some trouble adjust to the things I’m going to be losing out on now. I suppose there is no pleasing me. Oh well.


PS: If you find any typos in this post, I’m sorry. I’m sleepy and not int he mood to edit.

PPS: This entire account is based on 2 days of working.


3 thoughts on “Second Day

  1. Frank says:

    Dont worry, you get used to being miserable, :P and then suddenly you start hating work and also hating your days off!! THAT is when it starts sucking for real!!

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