First Day

EDIT: Question. How many of you remember this blog from the last time I had a job?


Zonk Zonk Zonk!

I start working tomorrow. For real. And I have been getting ready in small ways for it. So let’s make a list and go over it. One thing at a time.

  1. New notebook : Check.
    I love First Days of everything because there’s always some new stationery involved. I bought the coolest, most awesome notebook today. It’s small (A5 I think) and black and leather bound, with a little elastic loop to hold a pen and a pocket made of black paper in the back cover (which I only discovered after I bought the book, which makes it feel like even more of a bonus). And it has an elastic band around it. Elastic bands make cool notebooks Cool Notebooks. I suppose you have to read that sentence twice for it to make sense, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me when it does make sense. As far as notebooks go, elastic bands are for winners.
  2. New pen: Check.
    I ought to say just “Pen” instead of “New Pen”, actually, because this new pen is also the only pen I own right now, except for a few drawing pens and such. I don’t really know why, but working from home fosters in me a complete disregard for the possession of pens. I suppose it’s because I don’t use pens on a daily basis and there’s always a pen lying around the house somewhere if I need it. And when that fails, there’s always my mom around the house to lend me one. So I bought a new pen today. A Pilot pen. Partly because I haven’t used one in ages and partly because I never owned one during my childhood (my parents were always of the Fountain Pen School Of Thought).
  3. Sketchbook : Check.
    I’d have bought a new one, but it just feels wrong when I already have so many lying around in my bag. So I didn’t.
  4. New Railway Pass: Check.
    I would say more things about this but it’s really a pretty dry subject. Surely you agree.
  5. New Railway Pass Cover: Loud Beep.
    I’m going to have to use my college railway pass cover after all. Because the Pass Cover Guy doesn’t work Sundays.

And that’s about it for now. I’d love ot stay and chat but I have things to do. Bags to pack, socks to lay out. That sort of stuff. Hope I have an awesome First Day at work, Zonk. Hope the trains aren’t too crowded and I get window seats both ways. The windy windows, not the opposite-side windows. I will come back tomorrow to tell you how it went.

Love always,


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