*is Zen*

It’s been a long day, Zonk. I did one interview (which went well, but oh well), two rounds of Colaba Causeway, followed hoardings about a new art and design bookstore called the Art And Design Bookstore to the store itself, and spent about an hour there looking at books about product design and interiors and graffiti  type. And then I took a train back and met old friends from my college train-days and went out to dinner with them. I’ve been home for about two hours now. I’ve read three baby books with my nephew since then, and written down the names of all the kids in class 1J of Singhania School and the details of everything that happened there today. In Hindi. In bad Hindi, to be precise, but oh well.

I feel slightly tired now, but in a good way. And contented. And I’m wondering why looking for a job hasn’t gotten to me properly yet and turned my Crazy on full blast. It probably will in a bit, but it hasn’t yet.. And for now I’m content to feel contented.




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