How To Have A Killer Weekend

So I’ve been working hard the past three days. I worked harder yesterday than I have in my whole life, I think. I did three whole illustrations in one day, almost from scratch, and with no stocks. And the day before that, I did one really detailed illustration.

And so it is that I feel satisfied. I don’t have to work today unless I want to. And I don’t want to. There’s things that need doing that I ignore because I’m too busy sitting here at my laptop all day trying to work and feel worthful and bide my time. There are things that need doing and lists that need making and I’m here today to do just that.

Mundane Work Things To Do This Weekend

  1. Small changes in USR copy
  2. Compile PDF
  3. Inheritage receipt

And that is all the  work I need to do right. Apart from that, I’m done. Now to focus on the rest of my life, the part that isn’t attached to a high end laptop.

Mundane Yet Awesome Life Things To Do This Weekend

  1. Figure out about getting my license back. Ive been meaning to do this since the time my wallet got flicked at that gig but you know how it is with paperwork. Besides, it’s hard to do these things with no incentive. The thing is, I don’t drive. And so a license isn’t something I need to get back urgently. A smart card I can’t do without, but a license I can. The only reason I actually need to get it back is for age proof. I can’t drink at Pop Tate’s or any of it’s associates till I have age proof.
  2. Clear out cupboard. Because it’s one giant fucking mess in there and I feel like I’m running out of clothes and there’s probably small people living in there by now. Also, I want to. It makes me feel nice to do these things. Clear out the cupboard and organize my things and put the stationery in the open shelf on the right and the sweatshirts right in the front and the socks in the drawer. It makes me feel like the type of person who Has Life All Figured Out. Like the type that will always have a pen and paper ready when the phone rings in case of note-taking having to happen. You know. That sort of thing. It doesn’t last very long but it’s awesome while it does.
  3. Buy two FORMAL shirts from Globus. Because that is the message my brother-in-law sent me some time ago. I don’t have anything to wear that’s even halfway formal and he worries about it sometimes. So the rule is, if I buy two FORMAL shirts from Globus (where he heard I’ll get my size) he’ll pay for them. But they need to be strictly FORMAL :)
  4. Find out about libraries. I miss The BCL. But no way I’m taking membership at a library that’s given up on the library part of it’s business. The BCL used to be beautiful, Zonk. It was big and quiet and friendly, and it had all these really comfy couches and stuff and you could stay there and browse for hours. And now they’ve shut it down and moved to some silly office in Lower Parel and put their library online.
    Seriously, BCL? An online library?!
  5. Spend a lot of time offline. By way of intervention.

And now I’m off. But before I go, I’ll leave you with a link to something awesome I found yesterday: link.
It’s a beautiful idea, and brilliantly executed. Someday I’ll have one of those.



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