The Happiness Equation

I could tell you about being invincible and feeling on top of the world. And the weather there, and the light, and the angles at which it shines up your day. I could tell you about the sudden drop that takes the happiness out from under your feet and lands you in the dreary hollows of your gut. And bile; how it feeds on you and breeds and drags you down. I could tell you about worthlessness and working hard and guilt. I could tell you about all of this, but I won’t. They are all things you already know. You’ve been through them before. I could whine about it. But then you’ve been through that before.

And so it is.

I have a theory, Zonk, that you are not truly happy. I may be wrong, I don’t know. Perhaps you’ve had a stellar day and you face is breaking from all the grinning. Maybe you got a job today, or a pay raise or a promotion. Or an unexpected cupcake with your coffee.  Or maybe that person you’ve been in love with for so long walked up to you and kissed you and it felt so much like film that you thought it wasn’t real but it was. Perhaps you got new shoes today and they make your feet feel like flying. Or a haircut. I know how haircuts can make or break your day. But when whatever it is that’s making you happy goes away, tell me are you contented or are you unsatisfied?



11 thoughts on “The Happiness Equation

  1. I’m a little confused about why this random post showed up at the top of your blog today. I mean, it’s a nice post and I actually liked randomly reading it again but was this supposed to happen?
    Also, where O where is the Random Advice Generator?

    • It happened because I decided to use the Sticky-post feature that most wordpress themes have to randomly dredge up posts from the past that are actually decently written or worth reading. For several reasons:

      1. so people who just stumble upon the blog won’t think they walked into somebody’s rambling Dear Diary

      2. because sometimes I’m in a certain mood but all the posts on my 1st page are a whole different mood and then I get annoyed with myself for not being a more Consistently Mooded person.

      3. because I’ve been blogging for more than 3 years now and I thought maybe it’d be fun sometimes to make Really old posts sticky.

      • Yeah, it’s a very nice idea. Things like this could actually make me feel like switching from Xanga. But I think you should try being consistent with your commas before you try being consistent with your moods.

    • Also, Random Advice Generator – no sidebars on the theme and i don’t like very crowded footers :| But nevermind. I might move to Tumblr after November 10th and the Random Advice Generator will make its return. *thunderclap*

  2. You should switch. What on earth are you still doing on Xanga anyway? And I like Tumblr for two reasons.

    1. It has Beautiful themes. Being on wordpress has made me expect to see more or less the the same structure across themes. Tumblr actually has some themes that brak away from the header/nav/body standard format. Also, a lot of the ones that don’t are also really really well designed. Minimal and good looking. I’m starting to really get frustrated with the themes here not matching up or catching up.

    2. Look at all the theme previews on Tumblr. See the first example post they all have.
    I love that line. And I like that it’s what they use. Odd reason I know, but still.

    • arayans says:

      there’s a gazillion wordpress themes scattered all over. many, free. you already own hosting (with mysql, i s’pose).. you could shift wordpress there (i’ve heard that multiple wordpress blogs can run on one sql a/c (but my grasp on these technicalities = pipsqueak), and use your own theme – many are damn easy to customise too, esp the headers + thru the addition of plugins. aah, plugins – those are another gawd-send. it’s not too difficult to build your own plugins too; someone with basic php knowledge and 2 days of free time to get building real easy.

      i’m not praising wordpress. it has it’s fair share of pains, yes. sometimes i just want something simple, and uncomplicated. blank, and without too many features. that’s why i sometimes post to posterous – but even that’s turning into a social network of sorts, and so i tried tumblr. but within 30 min of hopping on, i hopped off tumblr. something, obviously, hadn’t clicked – sadly, i don’t remmbr what that was.

      • What did not work for you on Tumblr? Do try to remember. I have till November 10th to decide if I should switch. And I know. I know all the lovely things you can do with wordpress. I’ve built two websites on the wordpress platform. I can NOT make plugins, I don’t code. But there are several plugins available for free out there. The deal is, I don’t think I want to shift my blog to another domain. I want it to be easy. I want someone else to take care of those details. You know what I mean? And there are several beautiful wordpress themes out there, and I’ve gone through scores of them. There’s many thats beautiful. But so few that break the format..I’m telling you, some of those tumblr themes are Refreshing. And that line they use..it really speaks to me. Oh well. I AM a wordpress person at the end of the day.It’ll be hard for me to to make a move. Maybe I won’t.

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