Someone I know just got done with a long, long relationship. We met up today, a bunch of us, and drank, and mostly ignored things. But it sort of made me think about human beings and relationships and entire networks of people built on ephemeral, transient things. Tell me, have you ever dated your best friend? Or been with some one long enough that they became your best friend. And tell me, when it ended, did it tear your life apart along the fault lines that we make when we get too close to another person?

I think it did, Zonk. I think it tore down the very structure of your days. I think it tore out a whole number from your phonebook and I think it was a number that was your whole phonebook and it made you wonder who to call during your loo-time and your coffee break and your midnight smoke and your walk back home. I think it forced your casual friends to pick sides and I think it cut down your parties per year to half. Because there’s always his friends and her friends, and at some point I think they all just have to pick their sides.

Who decides these things, Zonk? And who deserves them? Not any of us, I think.


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