The Earth Hums In B Flat

My new Flipkart book came this Sunday, and I’ve been reading all the time ever since and I just got done with it. And it makes me feel quiet. And not like working at all..

Here’s a secret of sorts, Zonk. Well. Not a secret really, at least not a secret anymore now that I’m putting it up on the internet for anyone to read. But here it is: I hope I write a book someday. I hope I have the time, when I’m forty, and the patience and the ability. I hope I have enough to say that I can put it all together and make it into a book. And if that ever does happen, I hope that book is something like this one. About children who see things and understand and secrets that bind people together and drag them apart and madness. And a gentle sort of sadness that hovers in the air like a blanket and hums softly. In B Flat.

I did not know it till I read the book but the earth hums  in B Flat.



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