Unsorted, Updater

Six o’clock

I like stayovers, Zonk, most of the time. But only while they happen; while I’m up and drinking and watching TV with my friends and there is no question of going to sleep in the night or being nervous about anything at all. But I hate the mornings. I hate waking up after 2 hours of sleep and I hate the long  journey back home. I hate sleeping after lunch. But most of all I hate waking up after six in the evening. It makes me feverish and unhappy. It pretty much ruins the whole day. And my feet feel cold.

But today’s okay. Because I have my new book to read and there’s Step Up 3 on Star Movies and no class tomorrow. Or ever again. Because I went to my last class this week, Zonk. And I’ve been trying to think up fun ways to tell you but I suppose I might as well just mention it in passing tonight, this thing that changes my whole life and the geography of my days. I’ll still have to go in with assignments sometimes, and maybe give an exam. But it’s over, Zonk. And I’ve never been happier or more relieved.




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