Unsorted, Updater


I have been doing things, Zonk, and striking them off a giant virtual list that somebody seems to be updating from time to time. I should be working right now. But I’m tired of working and I’m tired of being uncertain and I’m tired of making tiny choices that can make or break things. And so I’m here to talk to you.  Again. And to tell you what I’ve done.

  • The Site is almost done. By which I mean that most of the content is on it now; the About section is sort of getting there, the portfolio is up, and there is something there resembling a homepage. The logo is temp. The colours are temp. It’s easy to leave the background starkly white, but it feels empty and somehow impersonal. And wrong. I coined the word ‘keyminor’ long ago, while I was joining dA and trying to think of a name that wasn’t already taken. I wanted something that said music, and then gloom ( in a mild and comfortable way, not a depressed, angst-filled way. ) Because I mostly make art when some bit of music moves me and I’ve come to believe that music that moves is almost always gloomy.A bright white site says nothing about that, Zonk. And it says nothing about me. And I’ve come to despise how difficult it is to do these things: to make websites that work for everybody and look good and make sense and flow well and a thousand other things that I cannot even begin to comprehend. All the while trying to make myself felt in it. It is easier to be honest, Zonk. It is easier to blog. Setting up my own website is fun. But it makes me feel small sometimes. And lonely in a small way that I cannot really explain. Oh well.
  •  One project is half-done, and half never-ending. I’m tired of it. I hope I finish it tomorrow. Or I might as well just give up.
  •  Another project starts in 2 days. I have ideas. Which is not to say that they will work.
  • I bought a book from Flipkart, with a voucher I got as a gift. The Earth Hums In B Flat. I buy books sometimes for how lovely their names sound. This is one of those times.
  • The class is almost done. Two weeks more, I think. I’ll throw you a party when it’s done. Unless I explode from self-loathing before.
  • A List Of Places To Apply To is being made. I’m making it. By this time next month I might just be employed, if all goes well.
    I hate it.

That’s it. Goodnight, Zonk. Say hello if you’re reading this right now.

Much love but not much else,


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