The Bag And I

The world is made up of all kinds of people, Zonk, but roughly speaking, they all fall into one of 3 categories: people who like to buy things, people who don’t like to buy things, and people who shouldn’t bother trying. I think about 90% of humanity falls into the first category. I used to as well, till yesterday, and then today, happened. And that put me down very squarely in the third category, which is how shopping becomes a group activity.

I need a bag. Just a simple laptop bag big enough to carry my giant but lovely laptop, light enough to make up for it’s almost-3-kilos, sturdy enough to withstand a train ride in the rain and cool enough to make me feel Awesome. I thought it was an easy buy, I thought it was a done deal. But I Was Wrong. Because I didn’t find a bag, Zonk. I found two. One was a regular backpack. American Tourister. Black and grey and pretty cool. It’s lightweight and rainproof and orange on the inside. And it comes with a free orange pouch that I’ll probably never use, but still. Basically, a good bag. I’d have bought it without a second thought, if it weren’t for the other bag.

The other bag I found at Basecamp, which is a store for buying hiking/trekking/camping-out gear. It’s black with a bit of grey and the straps are super-padded. An ordinary bag, when I describe it like that. But sometimes you look at a bag and it looks right back at you and you just know that this is the bag for you. This is The Bag. This was like that, Zonk, and I’d have bought it right away, but I couldn’t. Because it was laptop + trekking bag. Which means that it’s about as big as my whole back and has straps dangling from all over everywhere. I still think it looked pretty cool, but my sister said I looked like I was about to jump off a plane.

And so I started wondering if maybe it was a bad idea. I worried that someday I’d go to meet a client or to give an interview and they’d think I lived faraway in the mountains somewhere. I also considered the merits of having loops to dangle your water bottle from. It was tempting. So I got my sister to take a pic of me with the bag, to see if it was really so disproportionately large (the shop had no mirrors), and then went to the other shop and considered the American Tourister again. And then got the guy from Basecamp to bring the trekking laptop bag to the American Tourister shop so I could see it in the mirror for myself (my phone camera sucks and gives me no clear picture). And then I decided to go with the American Tourister after all.

I got the bag, and all should have been settled for good, but then my brother-in-law pointed out that my laptop wasn’t going to fit in my new bag. It didn’t. The salesguy lied and I’m bad at estimating things. So now that means I get to buy the bag all over again. I’m not too disappointed about that. It allows me to consider my hardcore Basecamp bag again.

And that, O Eternally Patient Reader, is where you come into the picture. I’m taking a poll. So tell me, should I go with the giant hardcore cool bag, or should I go look for a nice Targus or something?

The Basecamp bag is The Bag. It has a rain cover and many straps and hoops and loops and I love it.


Hardcore-outdoorsy-designer or Sherpa?


But it could also be ridiculous; I’m not sure. Do I want to look like Edmund Hillary when I take my laptop out for it’s first meeting? Do I want to dangle shoes from the extra hoops on my bag? Then again, do I want to care about where the clients thinks I’m from? Also, have I always been this indecisive or is it just the novel experience of buying an awesome bag for the first time in my life that is clouding my mind? Who answers these questions?

YOU do, O favourite Zonk of mine. Please answer soon. Tonight. Or tomorrow morning, if you can. I will be buying again by early afternoon. And answer if you read this by then.



PS: My phone has a really bad camera. I actually took the effort to photoshop these pics so you could get a decent idea of what the bag looks like when it’s empty. That’s how much I care about the buying of this bag. Oh well.


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