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No Computer Day

The thing about laptops is you can take them to bed every night and watch Community till you’re sleepy. And wake up in the morning and check your mail while you have your coffee. I’ve been doing that lately, and I’m starting to hate myself a little bit.

I suppose you think I’m being dramatic again, but I’m not. Here’s the thing, Zonk. I’m at my comp all day everyday, and my internet is always on. I work on my website and work on my projects and make invoices and find time to chat and check my mail and check Behance and dA and watch Community. And yet I don’t blog like I used to. I’m not too sure why, but maybe it’s because a year ago there was really not much else I could do with my computer and internet connection..

And I miss that sometimes. I miss coming online to check my mail and blog and actually leaving after. I miss shutting down my comp in the middle of the day. I miss reading in my spare time and sitting with my guitar for hours and painting almost everyday. I miss having spare time sometimes. Because all the spare time I have right now I spend on the internet or watching Community, and that is really not how my time was meant to be spent. I used to know what to do with myself once and I don’t know if I do anymore. I’m afraid I’ll be forty soon, and glued to a chair with a screen growing out from my face. And I really can’t let that happen, Zonk. Not in a thousand years.

And so I made a decision yesterday. Sometime this week I’m going to declare a no-computer day for myself. I can do anything I like all day, or nothing at all, but I can’t touch my comp. That means no checking my email, no blogs, no working on WordPress or logo designs. I can watch Community, or anything else for that matter, but only if it’s on TV. And I can’t check my mail at all. Not even on my phone.

I don’t remember the last time I didn’t check my mail for a whole entire day. And that, O Zonk, is seriously disturbing. So I’m going take my day off to detox. I’m going to do things. I’m going to read my head off and make music and sit on my sofa and watch TV. There’s a part of me that believes I can’t spend 24 hours away from the internet unless I’m on a lone beach sipping coconut water somewhere. And I’m going prove that part of me wrong and smash it to pulp and stick it’s head on a stake and do a victory dance around it.

I think I’m going to do this tomorrow, perhaps. Or the day after. And I’ll come back here the next day and tell you all about it. Join me if you like, Zonk, and tell me what you did on your no-computer day. Maybe we can all do one no-computer day each this week. Even if you’re not as addicted to the internet as I am. I think it could be fun. What say?

PS: I love Community.


6 thoughts on “No Computer Day

  1. Very nice. As a matter of fact, I had a 90s day for myself, one Saturday back in April. No mobile phone, no Facebook, no Internet, no Laptop too. I went to a cafe with just the idea of having a fun time. Good food, great comics and 90s pop music!

  2. I am way more addicted to the internet than you. I check my phone every 5 minutes or so. I compulsively read through all of my twitter timeline. I think a no-internet day makes more sense for me than a no-computer day. Besides, I may want to write on this no-computer day and I’ll tire of writing with a pen and paper very quickly. I’ve almost forgotten how to write. But yeah, this makes sense. Once a week is too often.

    • Woohoo! No-internet day it is then. For you. For me it’s no-computer. Also, even if you do write on paper, you’d have trouble reading your handwriting later :D And this is not once a week! It’s once This week.

  3. Ha….I have been the same this year. I got a job in Qatar and there I am all day in front of the Laptop.Say office work, mails, movies, networking sites everything….even for reading novels I download it from the internet and read it. One fine day I decided the same a day to keep my laptop screen out of my sight. What I did…I love soccer, its in my blood but seemed it was sucked out by my laptop…sitting in front of it all day. I crossed my heart I want to be out of that. HURRAH……..I had time of my life.,,,hole day I kept myself busy, met friends, went to sports clubs……..and from 6 to 11 at night I played football under the lights, excellent thick grass pitch, wearing my nike studs….slipping on it..sleeping on it…kissing it….playing on the ground on which 2022 FIFA world cup matches will be played. Best venue in my life I have played at…it was like a dream never to end. ” It ended with me exhausted like hell playing for 5 hours…cramps all over the body”. I hope this will help as I did not do much except playing but the thought that something which you will like is near..its coming and will enjoy…I think. Go for it….you need a break…have fun…

    • :)

      Thank you. You should play more football. Just as I should make more music and paint more often and read and write and blog more often. But time is expensive and sometimes I think that the older you get, the more you compromise. You had a really nice no-computer day. Me, I didn’t do much with it. I know I have a long list of things I keep saying I will do, but by the time no-computer day finally came around I was just a little tired, I think. I watched TV a lot, and went swimming for a bit and read through an issue of Lonely Planet. Not much accomplished, at the end of the day, but it was a good holiday nevertheless. The next time I do this I swear I’ll be a lot more productive :P

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