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Buy domain – check
Get  hosting – check
Get theme – check

And so it is that I begin to work on setting up my own website (Don’t bother to go over to look right now, there’s nothing there. Just some friendly text..)  I do have a little bit of something else to finish off first, but I think I’ll take a break from it today and work on WordPress instead. I love WordPress, Zonk. And I love the theme I got. I barely need to login to my ftp at all..because everything I could possibly need is already on my dashboard and in my theme options. And the widgets! There are a gazillion widgets with my theme, Zonk, and I don’t know about you but widgets and plugins and apps make me really happy. Even if they are things I’ll never use.

I can’t believe how many years this blog spent wasting away on Vox. I can’t believe I didn’t even know how terrible it really was. And when I switched to WordPress a year and a half ago, and it blew my mind, I can’t believe I thought it was just a place to set up a blog.

I feel so much smarter now. Thank you, C, for giving me WordPress.

On a completely different note:
My comp is in a corner of my room, near two windows. And sometimes, when I work, a butterfly flits in and flutters about near my face. It’s happened three times now, and it’s always the same butterfly.



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