Three Whole Junes

It’s raining, Zonk. It’s bright yellow outside and windy, and it’s raining for real. And I wish I was outside right now just so I could come back home to a hot shower and tea. But I’m home and I should be working but I’m not. Because it’s June again and I can’t just sit down and work on a logo through the first rain of the season. I can’t not come back here and write to you. I have posts tagged “June” for almost every year that I’ve been blogging and I can’t not come back here right now.

I love it when it starts to rain, Zonk. It makes me happy and it smells like mud and feels like poetry. But it’s also sort of sad. Because in my head, Rain is forever associated with college and coffee in the foyer and reading in bed and coming home to hot tea..I’ll be 23 this year, Zonk. And I was born in November but I count time in Junes. It’s 4 Junes since I started blogging and 2 since I got done with college and discovered An Equal Music and Famous Blue Raincoat and 1 since I decided to try and be a designer.

And it’s been 3 whole Junes since I came home to hot tea everyday. And I really miss that sometimes. Specially on days like these when it’s all yellow and windy outside and raining..

Oh well.

Happy First Rain, Zonk.

Love always,



2 thoughts on “Three Whole Junes

  1. somethingirrelevant says:

    Ahh how this rain turns us all into Hippies.
    I remember the first time I ever wrote a poem. It was on this small roofed terrace that my old house had. I was sitting there, leg up on the chair ( the only way I do) reading my favorite book and then it suddenly began to rain. And I’ve always loved rain, especially it’s rhythmic beating on a roof.
    I picked up a pen and decided I wanted to write my first poem.
    And that was the first time I ever experienced the inability to express exactly how I felt.
    Still trying to capture the rain perhaps.

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