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The Book of Big Plans

I have a domain I’m going to set up sometime soon now, Zonk. Don’t bother clicking on it: it doesn’t lead to anywhere special yet. It will lead to somewhere soon though. And hopefully it’ll be somewhere special. Who knows. These things happen.

C asked me what I want from my website this morning. And I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say. The answer was there, somewhere in my head, but I couldn’t find the words to discover it. Later today I took my unused pretty white notebook that I’d been saving up in my locked drawer, and finally found some use for it. I made lists first. A whole entire bunch of to-do lists. And then I started writing down everything I could think of to want in my website and to want from my website. And the thing is, Zonk, I didn’t even really have to think. It all just came to me and it came so easily..

I’d forgotten how lovely it feels to write with a pen on paper sometimes :)

It’s been a frustrating day but it worked out nicely in the end. These things happen. And it really makes my day when they happen to me.



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