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The Death Of A Post

Here’s the thing about blogging: if you don’t get it up in one shot, you don’t get it up at all. At least, that’s how it works for me. Last week I wrote The Longest Post In The Universe, Zonk. I made updates and plans and lists long enough to put all other lists to shame, and I told you all about everything I need to do and swore like a rockstar at the idiot professors in my class and generally opened up my head and emptied it of its insides. It was the Mother Of All Posts, Zonk, because I’d been gone for a pretty long time and there was so just much I had to tell. But I saved the draft and went offline for a while and one thing led to another..and by the time I came back, my friend, Alas. The Post had Died.

It is a sad thing when it happens, Zonk, and hard to deal with; and if ever you’ve had a blog, you know the feeling too. You start off with a Bright Idea or a Lot To Tell and you feel like it’s all going well; but something comes up. A phone call or a deadline or a headache from hell..and then you say to yourself – Bleh. And you go offline and leave it for the next day.
But you’re out all day tomorrow.
And you have things to do the day after.
And the day after that is a weekend and you know you’re going to get lazy on weekends..

And so the post curls up and goes to sleep and all the apostrophes fall down on all the alphabets and the exclamations explode into the spaces and the fullstops roll off the pages and the sentences all run into each other and get mixed up and meaningless and face existential crises of overwhelming magnitudes and I hear they try to hold on for a while I hear they really do..but there really isn’t much left to hold on to once the panic subsides. And more often than not, they’ll be hanging from the question hooks by the time you’re back.

Sigh. And all you can do when that happens is bury the dead draft in the debris of your Dashboard and go off the blog for a while. You can mourn it and bemoan it, but not all the grieving in the world will bring it back. And that is why you must never get up in the middle of a blogpost, Zonk. Never mind how bad that back ache is or how terribly you want to pee or that earthquake that’s rattling your teeth. Because you never know when one thing will lead to another and cause a post to die. And you don’t want that to happen, you know. You don’t want that at all. Because I swear to god that nothing in all of cyberspace is sadder than a post that’s died.


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