So, Zonk, I’ve worked my ass off in the last month or two and I’m pretty much Done with a lot of stuff. I’ve finished 2 branding projects, one small illustration project and one big
illustration+design project. I’ve finished most of a wordpress customization, learnt about things like ftp and css, and I’ve even written two lines of code.

You Want to be me, Zonk. Right now you really do. Because I have only very manageable chunks of work left and I’m going to spend the next month reading and making music and watching TV and going to two beaches twice for three days each. I’m going to be swimming too, everyday.

So think of me, while you’re out there in the horrible heat, frying and slowly dying. Think of me reading Auden and watching Top Design and floatig on my back in several pools. I’ll be wearing glares and sipping lemonade and spiking it a bit. And I’ll be practicing drinking, because I’ve losing touch and losing capacity at an alarming rate. But think of me.
B-) *is cool*



8 thoughts on “5 REASONS WHY YOU WANT TO BE ME

    • Hehehe I couldn’t resist :P And I’ve been getting offlines from you. Sorry, been busy finishing off work in order to chill for the next one month and rub it in everyones face :) I’ll catch you tomorrow or so.

  1. Your drinking capacity isn’t bad but practicing can’t hurt anybody so go ahead. And I’m shocked that this post doesn’t have bullet points even with a title that stars with “5 reasons…”

    • My titles often have nothing to do with my posts. You must have noticed that already..I don’t even have 5 reasons in there I’m sure. But saying “5 reasons why..” is just catchy. People expect a short post with 5 points and tend to read on. Or so I’d like to believe.
      Also I was bored.

  2. vidya devarajan says:

    I am happy you got persuaded to come for the trip next month. I can see you gloating over it on your blog. You can see many more beaches not just two and swim in all of them if you know how to swim in the sea. :) And you don’t have to practice drinking…. you can quench your thirst with a breezer. :)

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