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(I wrote this post last night in bed, but gmail sucks on my phone, and I don’t do word limits too well. So I’m finishing up and posting it today.)

So it’s time to stay awake at night and talk to you again. And this time, I’m here to tell a story.

A few months ago, I was in C’s car playing music on my ipod, and he told me to play some ‘JC Stuff’ (JC stands for Junior College). So I played Wonderwall. And Drops of Jupiter and Coldplay and Maroon 5 and U2. And when With or Without You came on, and the track skipped where it always skips, he said wow, how come all of us have the track that skips at 1:10. And then we both said, together – ‘because we all got it from Nikhil.’

And we did. Really. A whole bunch of us. We were regular kids from regular suburban families and we all grew up on Bollywood. We knew the Boy Bands, of course, and the standard hits. But we only really discovered Music sometime in 2003 or 2004. Because sometime around then, C went over to N’s place and took a lot of music home. All the Rock 101 tracks. And he burnt CDs for all of us at some point. And we played the shit out of those CDs for a long, long, long time.

That was then. We’re all a whole lot older now, and we’ve outgrown a lot of U2 and almost all of GNR. Most of us aren’t even in touch with each other and nobody burns burns CDs anymore. And still, every time any of us listen to With or Without You, it’s the same track that C took from N all those years ago and put on CDs for us, and it Always Skips At 1:10.



5 thoughts on “1:10

  1. I have, along with a few other privileged people, a version of “The Hindu Times” by Oasis that skips exactly at the ‘get’ of “I get so high that I just can’t…” during the second chorus. I remember I ripped it off a CD named “Progressive: 18 modern rock hits” and my comp at that time had a 500Mhz processor and 64MB of ram and fucked it up a bit. I had used to have more songs that skipped but I almost entirely re-downloaded my entire music collection when I got a 64kbps internet connection sometime in 2003.
    Also, there was a time I wanted to burn all my music onto CDs and I figured it would take around 15 CDs. I burned 3 and stopped and now I’ve lost them all.

      • I have more cassettes than CDs. I even have mixed tapes that I recorded from the TV and radio in the days that they played good music. I would check if they still work but I don’t have a working cassette player.

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