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Upload Update

Alright Zonk, it’s time for an update of the upload kind. I told you I got done with that wedding card I was doing. I also started with some artwork yesterday and it’s half-done now. Which sucks, because I was supposed to finish it today..
I swear I haven’t been slacking off. I’ve been working my ass off but there’s just been a lot to do.

Anyway, I finished more than half of the artwork today, and it’s the most complicated photoshop work I’ve done yet, and my first ever commercial art project and my second ever mixed media project. I have no clue if it’s going to work for them yet and I hope to god it does. I’d hate to change it or not use it because I’m really pretty happy with it. And I’m breaking my own rule about not posting WIP pictures, specially of things that haven’t been approved yet. But I’m really excited about this and I really want to put it up here. And I plan to finish this even if it doesn’t get approved..

So I’m making a compromise. I’ll post it. But because it’s WIP I’ll post a screenshot and not an actual image. I don’t know how that makes any difference but in my head it sort of does.

And so, Uploads.

The Wedding Card: This guy wanted a fun wedding invitation to send out to his friends, apart from the regular gilded one to send out to relatives and such. I don’t know these guys, but this is the story he told me:
They’ve been together for over 7 years, in a relationship that’s been mostly long-distance. And now they are getting married, and then they’ll continue to live in different cities. He told me people ask them why they are getting married at all, and they always say, why not.
So it struck me that most people wouldn’t have lasted so long and so awesomely in a relationship that’s so consistently long-distance.  I decided to do a difficult journey type theme. Here’s what I got.

Wedding Postcard

It took ages to get the maze right, but it worked out okay in the end. The guy was happy with it, I’m okay with it too. I got the prints back yesterday, and the cards look cute :) The back looks cuter than the front, actually, but oh well.


The Artwork: I won’t say anything about this on account of I don’t want to jinx it. So here’s my screenshot.


Inonit - WIP

Now to wait and see if it gets approved so far. *fingers crossed*

And now I’m off. Goodnight Zonk. I’ll be back in a day or two to upload a finished version of this, if it all goes as it should.




7 thoughts on “Upload Update

  1. The cards are very cute. Why is the timing there twice on the back?
    As for the artwork, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be plus it’s a work in progress so I’m not gonna say anything yet.

    • Oops I uploaded the wrong file. I made a mistake with that timing thing, but don’t worry. I corrected it later and the prints are fine. Thank you :) And I’m not gonna say anything yet either, about the artwork.

  2. vidya devarajan says:

    I loved the card… simply loved it..Makes you want to get married. :) As for the image I liked the tattoo on th e girl. You usually see it on someone’s back..but to have it in a bold and a different idea.

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