Half-a-Holiday Day

Dear Zonk,

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately, what with all the Too-Much-To-Do and the Too-Little-Time and the Frailness-of-Will and the Laziness-of-Nature. I’ve been whiny. I’ve been brooding. I’ve been losing friends at an alarming rate. Well not really, because I haven’t had the time to get out of my house and hang out with people who could then choose to unfriend me on account of my broodiness and whininess…but you get the picture.

I finally decided that It Was Time. There’s Drastic Steps to be taken and I’m going to be taking said steps. And I’m going to be taking them Today. And I’m going to start by telling you all about it.


Drastic Steps:

  1. Take a Half-A-Holiday Day: Indeed. Not a Full Holiday Day. That is something I’ll do next week, post the 23rd of March. And it’s not going to be on a weekend either. I’m going to take a holiday next Friday, March 25, and also take the weekend off after that. Because by this time next week I wouldn’t have had a single proper weekend in 3 weeks. And that just doesn’t fly. So the plan is to go out and meet people on Friday, organize my brand new cupboard on Saturday, and watch TV and sleep a lot on Sunday.
    But I digress. About my half-a-holiday day – I have 4 things  to do today. Get stuff ready for class presentation, get some sketches done for Inonit and start inking them atleast, get the wedding card printing done, hopefully, and shortlist some free wordpress themes for Garreth.
    (In case you have any suggestions: I need a theme that is simple, allows for customization, is not a single column blog page layout, has a photo gallery and a sizeable header.) I haven’t started with any of hose things yet. Because my holiday half of the Half-a-Holiday Day needs me to blog. And go shopping for my sister’s birthday with my mom. And sleep in the afternoon a little but I think I’ll have to can that. There’s not enough time.
  2. Watch something at night: This I really need to work towards doing. I wish I hadn’t seen all of Masterchef USA already. It’s really relaxing to watch Masterchef USA. Who’d have guessed cooking reality shows could be fun to watch for people who can only cook Maggi. And peas pulav. Oh well.
  3. Get some money: For a new screen. My very own new screen. Second hand and in good shape. Finally. I can’t wait to see what things look like on a larger, newer screen and normal zoom levels. Or how it feels to not have a screen that goes off everytime the wire slides off the table. It will be beautiful. It will be like rainbows and unicorns and several shining objects. It will be like entering the 21st century *cries*
  4. Cut nails: Just.
  5. Play some guitar.
  6. Lie around a lot.
  7. Blog a little: *check*
  8. Make a List: *check*

So that’s the plan. And I think it’s working well. I’ve had a pretty nice Half-a-Holiday Day so far and I’m pretty sure I can stick to The List if I post this soon and go get started on some stuff from the workday half of the Half-a-Holiday Day. I do realize that this could be a confusing post to read. But then you do realize that I’m really having a killer time saying ‘Half-a-Holiday Day’.

In other news, WordPress apparently had some major issues last week and I didn’t even realize because I never even tried to post anything during the time. It’s a shameful thing. What’s even more shameful is that I can’t figure out what the issues were. Read about it here if you want, and in case you manage to understand more than I did, do enlighten me.

And now I need to scram.
Bye bye O Zonkness. And remember. Be Wary of Pickles.

Much love,

PS: I finished 2 projects yesterday. And I’m really happy with both of them. I’d post them here now but I need to go work and stick to The List, so I’ll do it later.


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