So tonight that I might sleep

The good thing about having trouble sleeping is that I finally get to blog. It’s pretty much the only good thing, mind you. And it comes with several downsides: aching arms, tired thumbs, epic amounts of frustration directed at cell phone shift keys..but that’s a story for another day. For now, all you need to know is that I cannot sleep.

And therefore I blog.

After ages. I’ve been busy, Zonk. I’ve been working and working hard and working everyday and I’m not complaining: we all know how whiny idleness makes me. But it really is a little too much to do all of a sudden – I have 5 projects to do and 1 more might come in soon – and it makes me tired a little to think about it..I think I’ll manage though. At least, I hope I will.

And before I run out of space on stupid phone-gmail-blog-entry: http://www.behance.net/keyminor/frame

That’s a portfolio I put together recently to send to someone. It’s a little scary to be on Behance, Zonk. It’s full of unfairly talented people and I feel like they must laugh at me. Oh well. Goodnight sleep tight don’t let the mindrot bite.

Much love,

Ps: Just in case you’re wondering, that title comes from Mazzy Star.
In a way.


2 thoughts on “So tonight that I might sleep

  1. Aah, visiting the page after a long time. Good that you’ve retained your love for blogging, I seem to be losing mine owing to my increasing distance from my computer, which isn’t so bad, if you look at it from a distance.

    And, nice portfolio :)

    • It’s a struggle though. Not because of my increasing distance from the computer either, more because of the opposite. If I Am at my computer then I might as well work instead of blog. No wonder I blog from my phone now :\
      And thank you :)

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