Playing House, and things like that

How I have missed you, Friend of Old. I’ve been away and and growing old and I’m back now, but only for just a bit. Just long enough to sit down and stretch and have some tea. And tell you how and where I’ve been and all the things I’ve seen.

I’ve been in and out of hospital rooms, and a pharmacy once, and a spaceship too and I sat in it for one whole day and flew it to the moon.

Indeed. True story. Except for the last bit. I had to put that in because fancy rhyming intros tend to create expectations that 2-day hospital tales can’t live up to. My mother had a tiny surgery on Saturday. Just a really tiny one, and it’s done now and she’s fine and everything, but we’re staying at my sister’s for a week till the stitches come out. Which means I’m not at my comp as often as I used to be and a small part of me just died inside because I just said ‘my comp’. It’s a really old comp, Zonk. And small and unimpressive. And the screen goes off if the wire slides off the table. And it even sort of electrocuted me once. But it’s an awesome comp anyway, it’s fast and it understands me and it’s plugged into the most awesome net connection ever. (Which has ruined me forever, fyi. My patience used to be phenomenal while I was on a 128kbps connection, but now I shut the comp down if chrome takes a while to open up.) Oh well.

The thing is, I don’t need my comp just to blog and watch the Mentalist. I have quite a bit of real work to do. Time to make a list:

  1. Beanstalk card/letterhead/envelope
  2. Guitar.inc card/letterhead/envelope/receipt book
  3. i22? Not sure yet, and that’s not important right now
  4. Disgusting Flash assignments for stupid fucking class that makes me want to gouge someone’s eyes out with a spoon

Plus, I might get a monthly poster deal soon. And I’m broke as hell, of course, so the sooner I do the things the better it will be for the giant gaping hole in my bank account. So I considered installing Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash on my sister’s comp(s). My sister has 3 computers at home: 1 desktop, 1 old, dying laptop, and 1 new, swanky laptop. And none of them can take all three softwares, or even one software. Except for the new laptop I think, but that’s the one my brother-in-law takes to work everyday. So then I considered moving my entire computer over to my sister’s, but seriously, who am I kidding. If there’s one thing I can’t deal with it’s moving large machines in parts and piecing them together again. I hate entangled wires. I hate the dust balls that form in the knots of entangled wires. I hate disentangling them even more. I moved my comp from one part of my room to another part of the same room a few months ago, and I almost considered paying someone to do That. Most days, I can’t even bring myself to desnare my ipod headphones.

So I did what I had to do, Zonk. I cried a little, rolled around and beat my fists on the floor and smashed a spare guitar. I even punched the wall and I didn’t break my thumb like they do on TV. Because in my moment of trial, I became the perfect blend of Emo and Hardcore. Smooth. Like a milkshake that’s made with ice cream. Like toenails after your sister files them for you. Like Patrick Jane. Plus, I knew this guy once who taught me how to make a fist..Anyway. About my comp; I wrote it a poem laid some flowers on it. And then I let it go. I decided it’s time I stayed away from it for a bit anyway, and I haven’t painted in a while. So I called people up and told them about how I can’t work for a week, and then went out with my sister and got some supplies:

  1. Black, grey, blue and red drawing pens
  2. 3 basic charcoal pencils
  3. 1 canvas
  4. 1 super-awesome spiral bound black leather drawing pad with 100 pages (A5).

I’ve decided to try out more things now, and also try and start work on a secret project involving a style I’m not used to at all. So far I’ve made 2 sketches I’m sort of pleased with, and I tried charcoal for the first time ever and it turned out pretty alright. I need to get charcoal crayons soon so I can try out more stuff. I’ve also been cooking a bit. I made peas pulav and daal khichdi all by myself, and I helped my sister make pizza and pasta yesterday. I even got a pedicure (while I bought stationery my sister bought a pedicure kit and polished up my feet. They kind of sparkle now, even in weak sunlight. I think I could be a vampire).

And now I have to go play house again. My nephew needs food and I forgot to cook the rice. Sigh.


Until next time, Zonk,

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Playing House, and things like that

  1. vidya devarajan says:

    Who ate the peas pulav and dal khicdi? :) Your sis has got paid all her incentives this month. Ask her to buy a lap top for you. :) And I hope she gets to do what she wants to do. :)

    • My mom ate the peas pulav, and Tinku ate the khichdi. A little unwillingly I think :)
      And yes I know she’s rich now :D She’s putting some money in my bank on account of the bank called up and told me it’s time I put some money in it. As for a laptop, I plan to save up and buy a desktop eventually. I might have to wait till I’m 40 I fear.

      Ps- I hope so too :)

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