Why I Love Sitcoms

My eyes ache. I think I might need glasses soon.

I might also need to stop watching The Mentalist soon because I’ve been having nightmares about evil people. I’ve fought it for years but I give up. I admit it. I am of frail mind and even frailer courage. I should stop trying to watch things involving murder, madness, acid throwing, or ghosts. Specially ghosts. I’ve seen two horror movies in my life (Bhoot and The Shining) and I had trouble sleeping for about 2 weeks after I watched both.  I also developed a strange anxiety involving elevators, tricycles and long corridors. It was a bit alarming at first, especially considering the fact that my bed was situated right in front of a long corridor, but it went away once we moved the furniture around a little..


In any case, I have a new Rule of Thumb for Life In General now:Don’t watch it if you’re chicken.
A bit limiting, yes. Cruel even. But true.

Oh well.

*deletes The Mentalist from Drive (X:)*


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Sitcoms

    • Everyone tells me to try Dexter..but I think the Mentalist is the only series of the murder kind that I’m going to follow. It’s highly addictive, and I’m easily unnerved :P
      Also, I love Patrick Jane.

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