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I’ve had a productive day, Zonk. I haven’t done anything you could call work, but I’ve had a productive day.

About a month or so ago I moved most of my brushes and knives and things (along with all of my black paint) back home from my sister’s. Because I had my 3-canvas-wide canvas to paint and my sister was building a cupboard in the room I was supposed to paint in and her house was full of carpenters and sawdust. Besides, I can’t stand the sound of drills. So I taped a lot of newspaper to my front room floor and left the canvases there for a week while I worked on them and kept all my brushes and bowls in plastic bags under my table. The canvases got done and my brushes and bowls stayed in those plastic bags. My mom moved them from under the table after a bit and my bai kept them out on the windowsill  eventually where things get put when we want them out of the way. And I felt unhappy and slothful and wrote blogposts about  how I haven’t painted once in the whole of 2011.

Today was The Day to Fix That.

So I took my plastic bags and transferred all their contents into one big plastic bag and lugged everything back to my sister’s house where I now have a whole shelf to myself in the brand new cupboard. I spent many hours moving into my new shelf, Zonk. I keep my paints in plastic tubs on the floor, and plastic tubs have a way of collecting disgusting things like dust and hair when left on the floor. So I emptied them all and washed the tubs out with facewash. I don’t think my sister’s going to read this anytime soon so I can say it here. I washed the tubs out with facewash and then I washed all my pencil holders and my brush-stand. I could have used Pril or something but the facewash smelled nice. I waited for everything to dry and then shifted the stuff back in and put everything in the new shelf. The whole process took me a good two hours. And after that, I found an abandoned canvas, washed it, and painted it over.

My first painting in the whole of 2011. On top of one of my last paintings from 2010. If you stand the canvas under a light and tilt your head a little you can still see the silhouette of the man from last year’s painting embossed under the girl from this year’s. And she’s waay better than him.

I’m pleased with it this far, Zonk. Specially because I had to paint the canvas black, which means I didn’t get to draw the figure in pencil or rub out my mistakes. I did it all directly in paint, and I’ve never done that before and so far it’s turned out nicely. I don’t usually put up WIP pictures of non-commissioned artwork, I’m worried it’ll jinx them. But this is my first painting in the whole of 2011 and it’s my first direct paint job ever. I’m sure the Universe will understand.



Just so you know, this is also the first time I figured out how to get my phone to take pics that weren’t thumbnail sized.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the day with my nephew: we played this strange game where you sit under a bedsheet and spell words, and then we worked on a paragraph describing a park. And because he wants to study all the time these days for some reason, he made me give him some addition and subtraction sums too. After which he gave himself a couple of sums. And then we read a book about a fish called Bob who goes to meet his Uncle Ray. I told him I’ll miss him when he becomes big, and he told me that he’s going to be really big and look like daddy and go to office when he’s 10 years old. Makes sense :D

I’m 22 and I still don’t go to office. I work, but from home. I sleep in the afternoons and feel guilty about it; I wake up early on weekdays to compensate.
I feel guilty if I read too much on weekdays or if I watch Modern Family during lunch. I’m sure people take breaks all the time while they’re at work but I have an overactive guilt complex and it becomes somehow important to justify time when you’re home. Which is why I love if when days like these happen and I feel worthful as hell even though I’ve really just chilled the whole time.

Screw you, Work B-) I spent my day painting and writing cursive letters in a 4-line notebook and I don’t feel guilty about it at all.



3 thoughts on “Worthful

  1. somethingirrelevant says:

    Hahaha your nephew’s real cool! I might have underestimated him…. :D .
    And yes that oh-so-familiar overactive guilt complex syndrome that ails all of us Workfromhomeaholics;You fought it by spending your day painting and writing cursive letter in a 4-line notebook?? Are you sorted or what!!?

  2. vidya devarajan says:


    I can’t see the man even when i tilt my head. But i liked the painting. And you are a creative person who works from home and works hard when on a project. So there shouldn’t be any guilt feeling. Unlike us who spend time at work doing the mundane things day after day.

    • You’re back :)
      And thank you, I know I shouldn’t feel guilty. But I’m just one of those. I don’t feel guilty Today though, I worked quite a bit And I cooked and that’s really rare for me.

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