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Birthday 2010

I just got my last surprise package from Flipkart. The Mozart Season. The book about 11 year old Allegra Leah Shapiro and her violin and the Holocaust. And a tramp with a lost song who dances to string quartets playing Mozart. And music. The book my sister picked for me at the school Book Exhibition when I was 13 and I read it and decided I want to play a violin someday. I lost the book later and never found it again and I still don’t have a violin but I know I will someday. At least I have the book again now. And I’m usually pretty generous when it comes to these things, but I’m going to try not to lend this one out too often or too indiscriminately. Just.

And now that I have the last package, it’s time to take stock of the books I recieved:

  1. Calvin and Hobbes (the complete collection)
  2. The Death of Bunny Munro
  3. The Violin Maker
  4. Denial of Death
  5. The Little Piano Girl
  6. The Mozart Season

And I bought 2 books for myself from Blossoms last week. And picked up my birthday gifts from Sheena and Z. That’s 2 more books, both of them brilliant. And they both came with inscriptions too. I love inscriptions in books.

I am a lucky person, Zonk. I got 10 books in the last 3 months and almost all of them I love. Sometimes, when I really think about it, I’m forced to admit that the Universe is an awesome place. I suppose I only swear at it for kicks.



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