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I haven’t painted at all in 2011. Or made music. Nothing’s sadder than a guitar in its case and fingers that used to know how to play once. I don’t think they remember too much anymore. I’m scared I will be forty soon and wishing I’d stuck with it while I had the chance.

I was somewhat good, you know. I used to write songs sometimes that other people couldn’t always play. But I began to paint and I don’t make much music anymore. And now I’ve been working on a logo design and it’s already 2011 and I haven’t painted once in the whole new year.
Or made music..

And so it is. I did almost finish a song in the end of December, though. And I did a 3 canvas wide canvas the day before New Year. It turned out pretty nice, Zonk. But it’s big and black and reflects light like a barrel-full of tar and I didn’t have the room or nice enough lighting or a camera to take pictures with. And nobody else really cares about taking pictures of it and now it’s kind of too late to upload even if I did get a picture. Same as with Giant Canvas. I didn’t take a picture and now I don’t have any. Though my brother-in-law did take a few pics of that one while it was in his house I think..maybe I will put it up after all. At least  here on the blog where only the 10 (or so) of you will see it.

And now, goodnight. I need to send in a draft of my logo again tomorrow, and alter some clothes and pack my bags.I leave for Bangalore day after. The bus ticket’s here, the rooms are booked. It’s a tiny trip; everybody’s going for the Prodigy gig. I’m just going along because I need a trip.  And this time it’s working out for sure.


Much love,


3 thoughts on “Things.

  1. somethingirrelevant says:

    Why has making music become such a pipe dream? I remember a time when I would write songs as a way of passing time, I would just jam nonsensibly for hours together and the music would just flow, songs would be more spontaneous and my fingers had a life of their own. Now it’s just degraded to an item on my To-Do list *Sigh*.
    Hey, but hope you have an awesome time in namma Bangalore. Its a shame that I can’t come for the gig despite it being held in my backyard(almost) because between getting rich or dying trying, i’m doing a pretty good job with the latter option :D.

    P.S. Having been a west coast dweller for pretty long one piece of advice – it gets pretty cold in the nights here. Besides that like you’d know the weather is a wet dream.

  2. Hey Kirtana, long time since I read your posts (2 weeks :P ), so don’t be alarmed at the sudden burst of comments.

    How was the prodigy gig? I was in HRC that time attending the Slain one; was kickass, you could hear their name quite often in the near future.

    Eager to see this next upload you are talking about. Especially since you are convinced that it turned out pretty nice.

    • Oh, Prodigy was BRILLIANT. I’m not a fan at all, I know zilch about the music and it’s really not my type. I almost even bunked the gig. But I’m really glad I went. I have never seen anything that crazy. The place was Packed with dancing people..and I was right up in front, first row near the stage, getting pretty crushed. But it was worth it :D

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