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Why I Want To Buy A Tablet

So yesterday I did my first ever photoshop painting tutorial. It was a hair tutorial from dA, and I swear to god, Zonk, if you can draw well-formed lines, you can paint hair in photoshop. What’s amazing is the fact that there are people who paint hair like this without photoshop..

This is my first ever painting tutorial, Zonk, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Next I’ll do an eye tutorial, and then maybe skin. And then I’ll complete this illustration. For now, I’m posting this here. Make sure there are no children in the room if you’re looking at it. It’s a little scary. Also, please don’t judge the whole thing yet, only the hair. The rest I’ve done with no research. It’s temp, I’ll finish it soon.

I love you, Photoshop. You make life so much simpler.


5 thoughts on “Why I Want To Buy A Tablet

  1. It’s beautiful . I have a tablet that I got after I begged and literally made life hell for my sister and parents :P . I’m sure you deserve one coz you can draw so well. check out the Intuos-4 . aaah heaven . Mine’s a Bamboo Tablet. It’s chotu compared to the Intuos-4. Okay I need to stop now. :P Ciao!

    • Haha sadly, I don’t like to ask my folks for these things anymore. I feel guilty, and then I think I ought to save up and buy what I need because I’m not a student anymore. Stupid conscience :)
      Ooo is the bamboo what you use to make illustrations for ash-has-crayons?

  2. The hair looks amazing, goes with the whole goth-look that you have given to the figure. Would you be reworking on this piece after you finish the eye tutorial?

    • Hey, thanks people :)
      I will redo the rest, yes. As soon as I learn how to do it. It’s alright by itself but the style doesn’t go with the realistic hair. As soon as I do my next time for that right now, but oh well. Soon :)

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