Alan and The URL Ant

I’ve been working hard. I made 4 whole different logo icon options from scratch, yesterday. I kept Illustrator on the whole day and I almost let my phone die. Because I lost my charger at my New Year party and my comp has a tendency to restart when I connect my phone to it via usb. And I couldn’t afford to let my comp restart, because yesterday was the last time I could launch Illustrator before Adobe locked it away on account of Piracy and Stealing and pointless things like that. I spent so long staring at my computer screen that it’s left a semi-permanent scar on my retina. When I looked at my coffee this morning, I swear to god I saw the Windows logo floating around in it.

I deserved a reward.

So I downloaded Google Desktop last night. And it has changed my life.

If there’s one thing I really like, Zonk, it’s widgets. Widgets, apps, gadgets – whatever you call it. Forgive me if the 3 words aren’t synonyms for the same thing. My knowledge of this stuff is somewhat pathetic. But I’m sure you know what I mean..I spent days picking the right widgets for my blog. And widgets on WordPress are  pretty limited. So you can imagine what happens when I get Google Desktop and find a gazillion potential widgets. Gadgets. Whatever. It’s like Christmas in May. It’s like Calvin and Hobbes with breakfast. It’s like Maggi for dinner after your mom says ‘no Maggi for dinner’.

I’m hooked. I stayed up till about 3 a.m. and I woke up again before 9. But I still haven’t gone through all the available apps for my desktop. Right now my desktop has:

  1. Google Calendar (which I still need to figure out)
  2. a scratch pad
  3. a universal volume controller
  4. a guitar tuner
  5. Facebook updates
  6. a really cool search bar
  7. a money manager (so I can mend my erring ways)
  8. a url shortening gadget called URL Ant that doesn’t seem to work at all
  9. the temperature (26 degrees Celsius in Mumbai today)
  10. the News (I try)
  11. a really ugly Stress Indicator which for some reason tells me things like “I miss you” and “You’re bored”
  12. a flower pot that I can water everyday (in order to learn Responsibility)
  13. a voodoo doll temporarily named Alan (mind what you say around here: I’m vengeful and well-equipped)
  14. a Magic-8 Ball

I have a class to attend in 10 minutes that takes me at least 20 minutes to reach and I’m still sitting here in my pajamas. My mom has a sprained wrist and there’s housework that needs doing and I’m the only one here to do it. I have an assignment I haven’t completed, and a logo design to send in by evening. I’m eye deep in an ocean of things- to-do and I can see assorted desktop icons swimming around in it. But I have a google desktop to configure and everything else can wait.

Besides, I just asked my Magic-8 Ball if I’ll get my logo done today, and it said ‘You may feel confident’.


I love you, Google Desktop.


4 thoughts on “Alan and The URL Ant

  1. ‘It’s like Maggi for dinner after your mom says ‘no Maggi for dinner’.

    Priceless! I know how that feels!

    P.S: Good to know that you finally gave yourself a trip. Make it one better by telling me that you enjoyed it :)

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