Happy New Year

Happy January, Zonk :) I think I cribbed my way through 2010 more than anything else, but that’s just because I’m the type of person that likes to crib about things. Cribbing is cathartic; and in blog posts, entertaining. But it was a good year if I’m honest about it.

Recap of the Awesome Things of 2010:
  1. Blue Frog gig.
  2. Switching to canvases.
  3. Getting voted Best Artist of my venue at the Art Conspiracy.
  4. Learning Photoshop (and Illustrator)
  5. All the First Evers: Split EP cover, etc.
  6. Beanstalk wall.
  7. Giant Canvas
  8. The Flipkart Incident
  9. Switching to WordPress
  10. At least 4 new regular readers on my blog

Not that I’m saying it was all good. I suppose I lost a few friends in 2010. But the one’s I have left are the kind that are never going away, and that’s what counts, if you really think about it. Friends who mean the world to you and some who mean more..And nothing’s nicer than a New Year when you don’t feel the need to message people at midnight. When January One came along yesterday, I called my family to wish them. And then I forgot all about my phone and went back to drinking and taking pictures and being the World’s Most Scary Squirrel. Because everyone I care about was right there in the same room with me (N was going to come by in a bit). It was a Happy New Year, Zonk; we were all in costume, most of us. There was the Grim Reaper and a pirate and Gulshan Grover and Hitler and the KKK and Medusa and an underage suicide bomber and animal print costumes and fake scars and scythes. And we covered the lights in gelatin paper till the room was red and shady and reeking of Danger.

It was Awesome.

I hope you had a fun time on January One, Zonk. I hope that your year is full of days that are happy and I hope you have someone to call on days that are not. I hope you make far fetched resolutions and keep them all and I hope it makes you feel Awesome. Because you Are awesome. You are ears that always Listen and people who Understand and what would I do without you. I love you, Zonk, every single one of you. And I hope you have the Best New Year Ever. Surely you deserve it.
We all of us do.

Happy New Year.


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