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‘P IS FOR PIG’ and other stories

Hello my Favourite Friend If You’re Here Atleast Once A Week. It’s been a long and uneventful yet strangely alright day. I could have finished up the 3-piece canvas I’m doing, but I didn’t. Because decisions have to be made that could make or break the whole thing, and I’d rather not make them now.  Though I could just sit right down and finish it all in one hour. But it’s 11pm and I deserve to read some Calvin before I go to bed.

So in order to prove to myself that I am not useless, I did one rough version today of the Beanstalk logo that I’m making. And I jammed a little too. After ages. I suck right now, but hopefully I’ll be better soon. It’s one of my New Year resolutions – Making Music. There’s also Making 10 Grand a Month and Being An Optimist; but really now who’m I kidding..
Oh well.

In other news:

  1. they’ve been digging up my bathroom flooring all day and I do think we ought to move to my sister’s while they are drilling before I go deaf and lose the ability to keep the one resolution I’m making that is somewhat realistic.
  2. I’m helping plan a costume party for New Year. The theme’s DANGER, and I’m going to be Foamy the badass squirrel. Half my friends are bastards and will turn up dressed as themselves. But because I want New Year to feel exciting, and because there is another half to the party (for once), I’m going to try and get a grey skull cap tomorrow and put ears and Foamy’s eyes on it.
    (Grey skull cap, anyone?)
  3. Since I get paid for the 3-piece canvas tomorrow, and for The Tilt webpage soon, I can get a haircut and pay for it myself. *weeps in joy*
  4. I’d done the illustration and design for the Split EP cover a while ago. It was my first actual design job in the real world,and it was super hurried and I was super disappointed with how the final result looked. But the Split guys liked it, and so did most other people. So I felt atisfied and forgot about the whole thing. Till I found out two days ago that my EP cover got voted #5 on the Indiecision Best Cover Art (2010) list.

    It’s not a big deal at all, and the top 4 have some really awesome designs that make me feel a little bit embarrassed about my wonky-snouted-piggy-in-a-suit, but I’m more proud to be on the list than embarrassed so wooooooo! :D

And that’s all the updates I have for you, oh Zonk. Time for me to go offline and read some Calvin now. Much love,



8 thoughts on “‘P IS FOR PIG’ and other stories

    • No you’re not dumb. I’m also unclear about it B-) I was told to make a rough sketch of a normal looking guy shake hands with the corporate looking pig. I think the pig stands for the evil in society and stuff and there’s a deal being made. But the idea came from someone else, so I cant be too certain..

  1. The “normal looking guy” reminds me of Shawn, though I hardly know him. Also, I want new random advice. And I JUST found out that the direction and speed of the snow on your page depends on the position of the mouse. It’s so much fun to play with now.

    • Ya a lot of people said he resembled Shawn. I guess it’s the skinniness and the hair.
      Random Advice generated. Sorry I neglected it for so long :P
      And I didn’t know about the speed changing..I know the direction changes depending on where your mouse is..also, don’t you think the wordpress snowfall’s gotten heavier as winter progresses? It’s pretty cool..

      • It is snowing more today but I don’t think it’s been increasing progressively. Thank you for the new random advice. Sometimes I like the advice more than the posts.

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