Evening, Zonk. It’s been a while and so I come to tell you things while I wait for my tea.

My week’s gotten hugely better in the last two or three days. If everything works out right, I might just make quite a lot of money soon. There’s 2-3 projects in the pipeline (all thanks to C), and that means I’ll be rich enough to do my Nainital trip comfortably, plus get a hard drive for my comp which regularly tells me there’s 0 bytes of space on Drive C, plus maybe a haircut. Life’s good that way.

In other news, I borrowed C’s digital tablet and I love it. I’ve only used it one day, and I still have to get the hang of it and stuff, but it’s awesome already.

This is a random quick sketch I did on it yesterday. Yes, I draw like a pig. But I clean it up when I paint so oh well. Time to go now and finish up some work.

Bye bye Zonk.


15 thoughts on “Psst.

  1. vidya devarajan says:

    I find this painting sad…. Feel like darkness has swallowed up.. Hey by the way as Zonk said external hard drives are cheaper and portable. In fact you may get some really good deals at the ICE exhibition which is starting on December 23 at Bandra. A 1 tera byte can easily be carried in a trouser pocket. May cost around 5000 or maybe cheaper.

    • You do? Sorry :| It was just a random sketch, no thought of any kind in it..and yea, I have an external hard drive already, for now. But I desperately need internal space..I’m getting a 1 tb hard drive only, and it’s going to be about 2.5-3k I think. And what is the ICE exhib? I’ll check it out..

      • vidya devarajan says:

        It is held at Bandra and it starts today.. You really should go and check things out…..You sometimes get really good deals.. But go only ig you have money or else you will feel sad just looking at things and not being able to buy them.. :)

      • vidya devarajan says:

        You dont have to say sorry. Pleas draw what you feel like.. Though I am forced to think differently now after what Zonk has shared…Thanks Zonk for helping me to see things in a different perspective.

      • Don’t thank me and all. :) Anyway, I looked at this again and realised that those are not stars and it looks more like snowfall or something. I still think the he/she looks hopeful though.

    • I don’t think the sketch is sad, I think it’s kinda hopeful. People don’t look out at the stars when they’re sad, do they? And the fake snow makes it prettier.
      Oh and I wasn’t saying that external hard drives are cheaper than internal ones, I was saying they’re cheaper in the US than in India.

    • Okay. I need to write an “So I’m not going to Nainital after all” type of post really soon. Before everyone asks how it is and I feel inclined to lie..My trip got canned :| My friend who was in Delhi came back to Bbay a few days ago, his grandmom passed away. So no way he can travel all the way to Nainital this week. And no way we get tickets for next week or anything. We might go someplace closer or something..but I doubt it.

      And we’d planned it ages ago, and booked tickets 3 months back. It’s just not fair. Stupid Universe.

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