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Sweatshirt Weather

Winters make me happy.

I love the idea of waking up under blankets and hot coffee and grey mornings. And maggi sometimes. Or soup.
Sweatshirt weather!
It reminds me terribly of college..Are you reading this, Si?

Anyway, good morning Zonk. A bit late to be saying ‘morning’ but it still feels like 9 o’clock so why not. Winter mornings make me feel purposeful. So I’m going to make the most of today and really get stuff done. There’s a page titled ‘Planner’ on this blog, but we all know I never bother to do much with it. The real lists I think I’ll have to continue making here..So. My plans for today:

  1. Morning bath, I’m not going to push it till the afternoon or evening.
  2. Watch ad. Not to be confused with the verb “watch” which means “to look at”; this is the noun “watch’, as in a small clock that you strap to your wrist. An assignment for class, and I plan to try and do it well this time. I need to get at least 70% of it done by tonight.
  3. Some music. It’s winter!
  4. No sleeping in the afternoon. It’s a terribly wasteful habit that makes you feel like an old lady that likes to dust furniture.
  5. Sort out my Vodafone plan so I don’t have to exhaust my scarce finances funding my phone bill.

Speaking of my scarce finances, I go to Nainital this month. On the 23rd. I need to make some money to fund that. I have one canvas project to work on, plus I might just get some copy to do. Boring, but easy money. I’m really hoping the copy bit works out, Zonk. Or I’ll have to go speak to someone my sister knows that wants a canvas done and paint that instead. Copy is way easier to do than art, specially when you have barely any time left before you leave for Nainital..

And now I go. Bye bye, people.

And remember: Random Advice. It comes straight from my astoundingly-articulate-but-somewhat-confused nephew this time. It even sounds pretty prophecy-like, so watch out. No way the kid can be wrong.


3 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Weather

  1. I get nostalgic when it comes to winters, and this post comes quite close to my experiences back in the north-east. A blanket of white fog used to greet me every morning, absolutely low visibility in the night when I went for a walk. Was super! Your post is too :)

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