You are the most luminous object in the Universe

I just uploaded a scan on my Art page, Zonk. It’s a painting I’d done about 2 weeks ago, when I was struggling to make a visiting card and feeling demotivated and worthless and a lot like a cheap plastic chair. I hadn’t painted in ages. Or made a song, or managed to turn out a half-decent visiting card. Everything sucked and I felt super-uncreative. And one night, right after I gave up on the card and logged off for the day, I felt like painting. As in, I really felt like painting; like changing out of my pajamas and pulling on my shoes and walking all the way to my sister’s house where I keep all my paints and brushes and things. Now that’s only a 10 minute walk on a regular day. It’s even closer on days when you’re feeling all bright and sprightly. But on days when you feel like finding a gun and blasting the fuck out of your computer screen, it’s light years away.

Besides, it was night. So I just drew a little and read some Calvin instead. But I took a break from the visiting card the next day, and painted this. It’s not really all that nice, now that I look at it again. But I liked it that day; and it really fixed my mood. It even recharged my batteries I think, because I finished the card the next evening.

Anyway, though it’s nowhere as nice as it could be, I still like this tiny painting. It means something..

And that line really haunts me..

You are the most luminous object in the universe..

I’m not even a fan, Mr. Cave; and I’ve already done 2 paintings inspired by things that you wrote. Maybe I’m easily impressed. Maybe you’re just one gifted writer.

Either way. I must go now. I hope some of you like my Luminous Object painting. I’ll do a mixed media version of it someday; it’d be nicer. And much, much easier. I could do the stars in photoshop in under 10 minutes. In reality it took my hours. Five hours, in fact, if I remember right. Plus a toothbrush. If I was this patient with my toothbrush on a daily basis I’d never have a cavity. But I’m not. And so it is that I end up with 2 root canals and 200 stars. Oh well. These things happen :)


5 thoughts on “You are the most luminous object in the Universe

  1. I like this one. It’s simple and pleasant on the eyes. It’s the kind of thing I could actually put up on a wall and I’m not the kind of person who thinks of putting up paintings on walls.

    1. You have paid me in compliment. Thank you. Monetary payment is welcome and much appreciated, but not compulsory. It depends wholly on your generous and charitable nature.


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