You are the most luminous object in the Universe

I just uploaded a scan on my Art page, Zonk. It’s a painting I’d done about 2 weeks ago, when I was struggling to make a visiting card and feeling demotivated and worthless and a lot like a cheap plastic chair. I hadn’t painted in ages. Or made a song, or managed to turn out a half-decent visiting card. Everything sucked and I felt super-uncreative. And one night, right after I gave up on the card and logged off for the day, I felt like painting. As in, I really felt like painting; like changing out of my pajamas and pulling on my shoes and walking all the way to my sister’s house where I keep all my paints and brushes and things. Now that’s only a 10 minute walk on a regular day. It’s even closer on days when you’re feeling all bright and sprightly. But on days when you feel like finding a gun and blasting the fuck out of your computer screen, it’s light years away.

Besides, it was night. So I just drew a little and read some Calvin instead. But I took a break from the visiting card the next day, and painted this. It’s not really all that nice, now that I look at it again. But I liked it that day; and it really fixed my mood. It even recharged my batteries I think, because I finished the card the next evening.

Anyway, though it’s nowhere as nice as it could be, I still like this tiny painting. It means something..

And that line really haunts me..

You are the most luminous object in the universe..

I’m not even a fan, Mr. Cave; and I’ve already done 2 paintings inspired by things that you wrote. Maybe I’m easily impressed. Maybe you’re just one gifted writer.

Either way. I must go now. I hope some of you like my Luminous Object painting. I’ll do a mixed media version of it someday; it’d be nicer. And much, much easier. I could do the stars in photoshop in under 10 minutes. In reality it took my hours. Five hours, in fact, if I remember right. Plus a toothbrush. If I was this patient with my toothbrush on a daily basis I’d never have a cavity. But I’m not. And so it is that I end up with 2 root canals and 200 stars. Oh well. These things happen :)


5 thoughts on “You are the most luminous object in the Universe

  1. I like this one. It’s simple and pleasant on the eyes. It’s the kind of thing I could actually put up on a wall and I’m not the kind of person who thinks of putting up paintings on walls.

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