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The Most Expensive Free Movie Ever

So my luck’s been yo-yoing a lot in the last 24 hours. I went from Woohoo to Fuck You to I’m-not-sure-what-to-think. I sat up in the night with a paper and a pen and tried to figure things out. I downed coffee after coffee and pored over the equations till the sun rose and my hair stood on end from frustration and from Wanting To Fit The Role. At which point I gave up. I took the paper covered in figures and complex calculus and chewed it up and washed it down with my last cup of coffee. I made it to my bed and keeled over and passed out.

What’s the story, you ask? It’s only a short-story of story. An anecdote, really. Sit down and I’ll tell it all in a minute.

Yesterday, my sister called in the evening, and told me she had two free tickets to the Narnia premier and would I want to go. I’d never planned on watching Narnia. Narnia movies kind of suck as a rule. But I liked the books when I was a kid, plus the tickets were free. I said yes and I said woohoo and I took off like a rabbit with its tail on fire. I started early, got late, almost missed the movie, then caught it on account of it being delayed, felt unlucky (read the full story here), then super-lucky, and finally, terribly, terribly foolish.

Here’s an account of my expenses from the Free Movie yesterday.

  • Bus to station – I was in the mood to save money – Rs.5
  • Train to Dadar – Rs.8
  • Cab from Dadar to Lower Parel to Juhu – by this time I’d given up on saving money and focused instead on not being trampled to death in a train – Rs. 250 (approximate) This is why I almost missed the movie.
  • Free Movie – Rs. 0
  • Meru from Juhu to Thane – it was either that or risk being kidnapped or molested taking public transport alone at midnight – Rs. 657 (exact)

Estimated expenditure – Rs. 100.
Real expenditure – Rs. 920.

I think God’s a lot like O. Henry.


Oh well. At least the movie was Free.


14 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Free Movie Ever

    • everyone, probably, should be naughty and nice, both. it’d be hearty to see persons who can appreciate both as inherent virtues, rather than scowling at their own blondness or imperfections. we’re all blonde, in our own funny ways.
      sadly, far too many girls make a forced effort to be blonde, or hapless, and far too often at that. and it’s equally lame to see guys put up fronts of impregnability, when in-fact it is perfectly okay to shed a tear every once in a while. it’s only nice when someone is both, and naturally so.
      that is why i pasted my first comment anyway.

      ps. end of thread?

      • I agree completely. Everyone should be both, and I think most people Are both. My objection was not to that, or to being called blonde. I kind of agree, even, because I definitely was pretty stupid that day. My objection was only to your saying that being blonde at times is a virtue that makes a person “feminine”. Because, as you yourself said just now, we are all blonde. Even though we aren’t all female. But then you already pleaded guilty there. So yes, end of thread :)

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