Stupid Universe!

My sister got last minute free tickets to the Narnia premier. I left supersoon, went to her office in Lower Parel, got the tickets and rushed off to Juhu.

I’m still rushing. Stuck in a cab on SV road and no hope of making it before the movie begins. Because the movie began at 8p.m. I’d have taken the train except the trains were crowded enough to make me want to slap myself.

It’s like the Universe gave you a pot of gold for no reason at all and you got kicked about it and then it turns out the Universe was a leprechaun in a mean mood.

I hate when these things happen.


3 thoughts on “Stupid Universe!

    • I loved the books when I was a kid, I didn’t like the 1st movie. Never saw the 2nd one. And this one was okay. I saw it in 3d, but the glasses really sucked. And the movie itself is not that great. I expect more out of brit fantasy films..the graphics were pretty average if you ask me :|
      But Prince Caspian is Hot.

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