I discovered a new Dave song on my way to class yesterday. Not new, really, but a song I hadn’t heard before. It said #41 where the name should have been displayed on my ipod, and the album was titled ‘Live at Luther College’. I assumed that Dave must have played one long gig at Luther College sometime, and this particular song was 41st on the setlist. And whoever named the tracks before putting them up for download must have named them accordingly. A bit difficult it must be, playing 41 songs at one gig. But I supposed it could be done and Dave shouldn’t have much trouble doing it.

I googled it today though, and turns out that #41 is the name of the song after all. Give it a listen if you haven’t already.

(This is not the Live at Luther College version; that video won’t stream on wordpress. You can watch it on youtube though. But the Luther College one has Tim Reynolds too. Perhaps it is the same one after all. I don’t know because I haven’t heard it yet.)

It’s a beautiful song, Zonk. Makes you feel wistful and somewhat sad; and still it is consoling.

There’s something about musicians. Every time I hear a song I love, I wish I could sit down and drink for a while with the people who wrote it.
No artist could ever compare.

Ps: I’ve been listening for a while now, and seems like it could mean a million things. I wonder what it was really about.


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