So, Zonk. I’ve been struggling with the mysterious ‘i22’ that’s been on my to-do list for ages. I’m not too good at figuring out things like business cards and what works and what doesn’t. Or at least, I’m not too good with these things yet. Who knows, I might get the hang of it and be awesome later. Like maybe someday, when someone asks you if you know Kitu, you’ll say ‘oh that girl who makes visiting cards all the time’. For now, though, I’m waay better at understanding artwork.

In any case, I managed to get it done yesterday. Finally. And I kind of like it too, now that I have a sort of preview of the card rather than just a giant rectangle on my screen.

My first ever visiting card! I feel like I might amount to something after all. I feel Awesome. I feel like a feather sliding down a rainbow.

It could have looked a lot worse, but I had help. Thank you C :)

And now I can finally strike this off my list and read Calvin all day if I feel like it.


In case you’re wondering, i22 is a software company that really does exist. The logo C had already done, in real life, not as a mock project. The card I made, as a mock project, on account of I need to learn to make cards.

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